May 5

Apostasy is here pt 4

We left off last week looking at how we need to get the knowledge of God


And we get his knowledge through the study of his word
Through being with Gods people
And through serving the Lord


it is part of my job as a pastor to put you in remembrance of the things of God
By teaching and being an example, to help you grow in the grace and the knowledge of God

We have public schools all the way up to universities
whose job is to teach students and give them knowledge
But what has been taught over the yrs and what students come out believing is heart breaking


Instead of coming out of those places with knowledge that is suppose to help you, improve your life


They come out indoctrinated

There’s a big difference between teaching and indoctrination


Teaching is when you use a factual book, let’s say the bible


And you use that factual book to bring a student knowledge

Based on truth
The student has to use their brain to think about what is being taught and come to their own conclusion

Indoctrination is someone taking what they believe to be true, which is not based on facts or truth
And cramming it into another persons head of what they believe


There’s no critical thinking, you just accept what they say as facts but it leads to false beliefs

One of my jobs as a pastor is to give you the facts, & truth
but it’s up to you to decide for yourself if you’ll accept them or not
II Peter 1:13
Another Job of a pastor is not just to give you knowledge through teaching


But it is to STIR YOU UP!!!!!


To stir you up = to make you uncomfortable

There’s this belief today in churches


that a pastor is never suppose to bring up a subject that makes you uncomfortable

That I’m never suppose to say things about politics that may offend someone
I’m not suppose to point out sin
All I’m suppose to do is give messages that make you feel good about yourself


Build you up, get that self esteem going so you can face another week

This is the first church that I’ve been able to say the truth about politicians and sin
without getting hammered after a service



But isn’t that what makes people uncomfortable in a church service?


When the truth starts being taught?
When we have an area in our lives that is untrue, and the truth starts hitting that area
We get uncomfortable

If we are holding onto some unconfessed sin and the truth hits us about that sin
We get uncomfortable

But what a lot of people do is, instead of dealing with the truth and getting it settled with the Lord


They ignore what I said,

make excuses,
or they meet me at the door and attack me
All I did was bring the truth, The Spirit of God brings the conviction
And you and I have to deal with the decision to accept or reject the truth

But my job is to stir you up, make you uncomfortable, make you think and even confront you


We live in a society that no longer wants to hear the truth

If you think about it, the 4th amendment of free speech is about gone
and freedom of religion is on its way out also


But notice, the Muslims aren’t be bothered
But Peter is talking to us about Apostasy
And when a nation has turned its back on God and has become apostate
Then persecution quickly follows for those who belong to God

Christians are being penalized for saying what we believe


If you say what you believe, you’ll be attacked, like that pizza place in Indiana


They had never refused service, she was just asked a question which she answered


And it led to a national assault on her and her business

The government has now taken the position with the queer community
that anyone who refuses services to them
Are guilty of discrimination and should pay the cost

Christian cake companies

Christian florist

Christian print shops

and Photographers are being sued

Almost all of these who have been sued, have lost not only their businesses
But the fines were so heavy handed that they lost their homes and personal assets
All because they disagreed with providing a service based on their faith

The reason why this country no longer wants free speech,


Is because there tends to be people who will say the truth,

which cannot be tolerated



Look at ferguson mo, did anyone care to know the truth about why that guy got shot?


Nope, it still doesn’t matter to some people what really happened
Or now in Boston, an eye witness said that the guy was throwing himself against the wall of the van
It’s looking like he hurt himself before they took him out

But they still charged the 6 officers with murder


Does the truth matter? Apparently not to many in the black community


but another question to ask is why does our so called president
always stir it up and enrage them even more?


Do you know that if there’s a national crisis going on at the time of a presidential election
Like Marshall law, that a president cannot be removed from office?


I have my suspicions of why he makes it worse
Does it matter that a speech given by Hillary last week
said that churches or anyone who doesn’t agree with what government legalizes
should be closed down?

If you thought Obama was the anti-Christ, let me introduce you to his sister!
Whose the mean one!

When truth no longer matters to a country,
then the sins of that country will take it as far as it can go

Now why did Peter feel it was necessary to say things so pointedly?
Peter knew his time left on this earth was about over


Jn 21: 18-19


Jesus has told Peter that he would be martyred for his faith in very plain language

When most people are coming to the end of their lives, some have a tendency to get real honest


For Christians, they try to get everything straight between them and the Lord

And then they will try to tell their loved ones about Jesus perhaps with more vigor


They want to do their best not to leave things undone
They want the truth to be told

I think that’s where Peter is


He knows his time is growing short, and it’s his desire to get believers to really submit themselves to Christ


II pet. 1:15
Peter knows that after he’s gone, if those believers have the knowledge of God
when persecution, or testing comes their way
They will be able to meet it with their faith in tack

why do we tend to wait to get things right when we know our time is short?

Look at our brother-in-law, he didn’t have time to get things right
Or to talk with his sons or family about the Lord

We procrastinate thinking I’ll do that tomorrow


when the truth is, none of us know if tomorrow will come

Look at the huge transition that took place in the life of Peter by having the knowledge of God


History records that Peter died being crucified upside down on a cross


Because he refused to die in the same manner that Jesus did

But that’s what the knowledge of God did in the life of Peter


It made him determined to live for Christ
Courageous in the face of persecution
And ready to meet the Lord at any time

And that’s what it can do for you and me


Did you realize that so far every Christian business owner who lost their business didn’t turn their backs on the Lord?

The Supreme Court is looking at legalizing homo marriage nationwide


If they do, Obamas lawyer who is arguing for this to pass said


That any and all religious or non profits that do not conform to the new law
should lose their tax status and be forced out of business


A Christian lawyer said that if this goes through, over half of all churches would close

Gallop did a new poll and I want you to listen to this and try to digest it


There is still only 2.3 % of Americans who are queer out of 241 million
That’s just over 2 million

Out of that 2 million less than 1 million are in a permanent relationship
Less than 1 million are interested in marriage
How does a small fraction less than 1%

have enough power to change an entire nation to accepting their lifestyle?
Have enough power to change a constitution?


Have enough power to change Gods definition of marriage?

First and foremost, it’s because they are empowered by Satan himself


None of this could ever get this much traction without him empowering the people



Secondly, they have the power of the government behind them

When the unsaved are in positions of power they will do as their flesh dictates
They hate the name of God and will pass things that will prove their hatred


This really shows how many we have had in power over the yrs
who said they were Christians and weren’t because of all the ungodly things that have been passed



thirdly they have the power of the unsaved behind them

over 40% of all queers work in film, television and in public schools
The 3 areas that have the biggest influence over an entire nation
You can’t tell me, Satan doesn’t know where to put his followers


Almost all TV shows, movies and in all school curriculum there are homosexual themes

I saw an ad on TV, don’t remember what they were selling but on the bottom of the ad was a sentence that said
Love has no gender boundaries

Their indoctrination has changed the hearts and minds of the people

A little over 50% of all Americans now agree with homosexual marriage

We’re told that there is no degrees of sin, sin is sin
the one sin that will bring Gods judgement faster than anything is homosexuality


I believe there is degrees


This is the one sin that God destroyed cities over

And if our supreme idiots pass this into law


Folks there will be no place to run


Apostasy brings a moral collapse to a nation
How will we stand folks?


I’ve already told you, I will not conform to the law if passed


Man May Say it’s legal,
but God still condemns it and anyone who practices it or agrees with it


Ro. 1:32
Who knowing the judgment of God that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them
Have pleasure = to agree They are under Gods judgement


You don’t have to practice homosexuality, but just agree with it to be in the judgement of God
We need Gods knowledge now more than ever





Apr 26

Apostasy is Here. Pt 3

In our study of II Peter we learn that he warns us about a coming apostasy in ch. 2 which we will get to

But as I’ve told you, the way we combat apostasy is by gaining knowledge of Jesus Christ
Through the study of the bible, through dedication to his church and to other believers

And then we looked at vs 5-7. II Peter ch 1


Peter then says in vs 8 if these things, which we just read are in us
Not just in us, but abound = overflowing,


Can we imagine what it would be like, if Christians really had an over abundance
Of patience, godliness, Kindness and love?

TOur lives would be different, our relationships in our homes would be different

Our churches would be different


Instead of people coming in with the attitude of bless me if you can

They would come in and say, who can I bless today?


Wouldn’t that be a church you would love?

I’ve had my fill and I’m sure you have to, of people coming to church

all grumpyfied, argumentative and looking for a fight

But we need to understand something important of why there’s so much trouble in churches everywhere

We have a lot of pigs in the church

Those of you who have or had pigs, you know you can wash them up Put perfume on him and a ribbon on his head

But eventually he’ll return to the pigpen, because he’s still a pig because he still has the nature of a pig

Same is true of some church people

They can wash up, put on a suit, become a choir boy, deacon or even a pastor

But they’ve never been given a new nature, their still a pig

And they can’t help acting like a pig in the church and cause all sorts of trouble

And usually after their done rooting around and disturbing their surroundings

They’ll leave and go to another church and continue their piggish behavior
But for the believer who will get serious about their faith and add these things to their lives
Peter says you won’t be barren
Barren = idle


When the fruit of the spirit begins to grow in you, you will not be able to stand on the sidelines and just watch

Last week I watched a video that was put out by Glen Beck that showed Christians being murdered by ISIS

IT WAS GRAPHIC. To say the least and hard to watch as these men are shot in the heads

and others had their heads cut off and then they set their heads on the backs of their dead bodies in celebration


In this video he told about Christian women being beaten then raped by gangs of men

One nine yr old it was reported, was impregnated after she was gang raped
And you have to wonder does anyone care?


The American church hasn’t raised much objection

Some are giving money and supplies which is great

But overall, it’s been quiet from churches,

is it because it’s over there and doesn’t affect us?
I am constantly signing letters to our worthless leaders to act on this

When it comes to our government, it appears to fall on deaf ears


I understand it’s frustrating for many American Christians because there seems to be so little we can do


But when you see our leadership ignoring the whole thing, it proves they don’t care

They say black lives matter, and every time one little thing happens the whole black community jumps up in outrage

And our government gets all indignant and demands answers

But for the thousands of Christains who really are in trouble and are really dying due to hatred
Not a whimper from our leaders

All I know is we need to keep praying, writing to our leaders and try to vote some people in who do care


But then he says we will not be unfruitful

What kind of influence to you have on people?

Is it a godly influence?
Peter says for those who are abounding in the knowledge of God
That you will have a godly influence


Does that mean you will win everyone you meet to the Lord?

No, but they will recognize that you stand for the Lord

I know I make people nervous when their around me

When we’re at a family gathering, I feel people avoiding me, or they don’t know what to say if I talk to them

They know who it is I represent and some don’t care for it


There’s many believers who don’t make anyone nervous, because they don’t have a godly influence
And Peter talks about them in vs 9


When we don’t have the knowledge of God and are not adding vs 5-7 into our lives
We will be blind to the things of God

There’s a lot of sterility in the lives of believers today

They have a lack of enthusiasm and many of these people eventually question God and their salvation

So Peter tells us in vs 10

Christ has done everything possible to save us and keep us
But we can make ourselves unsure about our salvation by the way we’re living our lives

In Corinthians we’re told to examine ourselves and make sure that were walking with the Lord

Although our salvation is a sure thing, we have to work at it, if your going to make it meaningful

It’s just like being married

No one has to tell me that I’m married, I was there when it happened

But to make my marriage meaningful, I have to work at it

Peter then tells us why it’s important to work on it
There’s a goal for us to reach


There’s an entrance into the everlasting kingdom that will be opened to us


I’m thankful that every martyred Christian has walked through that door into Gods everlasting kingdom

They died for their faith in Jesus Christ
But they didn’t die in vain, God had a place prepared for them


I like how Peter finishes his thoughts here
What’s a pastors job?
Is it to entertain you? With a heart touching message or with music?


There have been countless pastors who sing and play music


And the crowds sway back and forth and cry with their hands raised


And their hearts are overwhelmed by good vibrations

And yet the people are spiritually stagnant and there’s little growth among the people

I know of pastors who love dramas, others have every program you can think of
And yet our churches continue to dwindle, And the lives of Christians continue to become more immoral and self centered


It’s no longer about Jesus, it’s about me and all of my problems

I’ve been thinking about our little music box over there

And maybe that’s not the problem, maybe be the problem is us

What’s the difference what we sing, if it’s good or bad
As long as we’re singing about Jesus ?


If we sing with a heart that’s right with God, then it’s music to his ears

It’s not music that is suppose to be central in a church anyhow


Peter says it’s the pastors duty, to put you in remembrance
Of these things
What things?
The knowledge of God
It’s the Word of God and knowing God that is important in the lives of believers


If we know the words to every song, but don’t know scripture

Then we have become as Peter said in vs9. Blind


I think, our churches have gotten way off track

Our emphasis has been on music and trying to make our services exciting

or touchy feely with messages that make you feel good

Or with dramas to make you emotional
When our emphasis should be on the knowledge of God

To become everything God wants us to be


We have to have a solid foundation that can only be built on the Word of God

Peter is telling us how to build that foundation so when persecution comes
Or tough times physically, or financially hits us


We will be able to stand up and continue walking with the Lord

Everyone of us, sooner or later will have our faith tested in some way

And if we don’t have the maturity, and knowledge of God that we should
We will not stand up through the testing of our faith


If we don’t have the knowledge of God we won’t continue living for the Lord or attending his church


If we don’t have the knowledge of God
Folks we will fall and forsake the Lord when persecution comes to our doorsteps









Apr 20

Apostasy is here Pt2

If you’ll remember, last week we began in II Peter and I told you that he and the Apostle Paul

Both wrote about a coming apostasy that I believe is being fulfilled right now in our day


Apostasy is when the human race turns their backs on God

And this is a time when the whole world should be turning to him and not turning away

The pope who I rarely agree with, said that the worst Christian holocaust in history is taking place right now

Another commentator said that the whole world is becoming evil

this past week a Isis terrorist training camp had been discovered just 8 miles in Mexico by El Paso tx

A video produced from that camp said that America will burn to the ground for killing Muslims around the world

America instead of turning to God, is turning its back on God and his truth and because of it,

God is allowing our sin that we have sown to reap its consequences


I believe we got a president like BO because of our sin
And if America continues to sin against God, we could very well have someone worse, like Hillary

Sin has consequences, God doesn’t have to send some sort of judgment


His judgment is just to allow us to reap what we have sown


And as I told you last week,

Peter is going to show us how we can deal with, and live in a world of apostasy


last week we covered, that we have to have knowledge

That only comes by having a personal relationship with Jesus and through studying the bible

We can know Jesus better than your spouse or friends

We can live joyfully and at peace in an apostate country if we have knowledge of God

But this morning were going to start in vs 4 and Peter is going to tell us more things

Of what we have to do in order to tolerate, be at peace and have joy in a country that is Apostate


Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises

In vs 1 Peter told us that our faith is precious because of what it cost Jesus to secure it for us

And here he says that God has given us some promises that are precious to us


Like in Jn 6:36. He says anyone who comes to him that he will not cast out

Our salvation is secure, that’s a precious promise


Or in Matt 11:28. If your tired and worn out, come to Jesus who will ease those burdens

Or here in vs 4 that we are partakers of his divine nature and we have been given an escape from corruption


There’s so many promises given to us from God, if you will truly become dedicated to knowing the Lord, Through the study of his Word

And Becoming dedicated to his church and to each other

But sadly that does not happen too much

Oh there’s all sorts of people who go to church and do their little religious rituals


Look at the environmental wackos, who have replaced God with nature


they think if we clean up the earth that we will live longer, healthier and happier
But we’ve been cleaning up the earth for yrs now


And people are still dying from diseases and they are more angrier today than ever before

It’s the same way for religious people

They go to church, do a little environmental clean up, and they think they will live longer, be healthier and happier


Problem is, you can do all the cleaning you want and still be as corrupt as ever

I saw a sign on a Lutheran church the other week

And it said those who seek good find God


That was false advertising from that church

That’s their problem, they think you find God by being good


If you are going to escape corruption, you need a new nature

You and I have to be a partakers of the divine nature which only comes through repentance  And by receiving Christ through faith


Vs 5. And beside this giving all diligence

Diligence = to be serious


Being a Christian really is serious business

Just go ask any Christian living in a Muslim country, they’ll tell you how serious it is being a Christian

Or even our military chaplains about how serious is it to be a Christian

Their being told they can’t pray in the name if Jesus or counsel on issues of morality

Dozens of Christian Generals have been forced out and given early retirement

And what we have left is a bunch of top brass who reject God and dont have any problem following orders from BO about getting rid of Christians

Did you know that Christians are being told not to join the military until BO is out of office?


But many Christians don’t see it as serious

It’s more of an extra curricular activity when they aren’t busy with doing something else

But they have little desire to be serious about getting knowledge of God

Or being serious about serving God in his church

Or being serious about being a help to fellow believers


Our churches are in serious trouble because Americas Christians have not been serious about their faith


Democrats have been serious about their atheist faith

Homosexuals have been serious about their atheist faith

Environmentalist have been serious about their atheist faith

Muslims have been serious about their false faith in a false god


And look at how much they have changed the world from accepting God and his son Jesus

to rejecting them


Christians can preach and put all kinds of little God sayings on face book all they want

And nothing is going to change until they get serious with God and their faith

The few times that I look at face book I’ll read all sorts of poems and sayings

And heart felt things about God

And if you agree pass it on, or if you love Jesus pass this on

What a bunch of baloney


Facebook is a Christians soap box and they need to get off it and get serious about living the life of a Christian

And instead of yabbering on and on with Facebook saying a whole bunch of nothing
they need to go talk to their neighbor face to face


I’ve seen things on there from people that I don’t know
Saying something about the greatness of God

And the next post their cussing and talking about drinking


What a bunch of hypocrites and it tears down everything about what they said about God

This is why Peter says we need to be serious about our faith
It’s not a game


Faith is all about knowledge and growth

It’s like an acorn, it starts out small but as its planted, it takes root and grows into a mighty tree
And then he says add to our faith virtue

The word virtue has taken on a different meaning than it did when the bible was written

Today it goes with sexual purity Which in our society is becoming rare

Back then it meant valor, courage, And excellence

Let’s get right to the meat of this message

The only way you or I will ever have, valor, courage and excellence

Is when we truly believe the Word of God is indeed the truth from God himself

And we start living it

those who claim to be believers but are not serious about knowing God
Not serious about his Word or his people will not be able to stand up for the Lord when the world presses in on you


At that Christian college in Northern Kenya last month where 148 Christian students were murdered

There was one student who tried to claim he was a Muslim when he was asked if he was a Christian
When he couldn’t recite the Koran from memory, they killed him


If a Christian isn’t serious they will not have the strength to stand up for Christ when the world presses in
They will cave in


How do we get virtue added to our faith? Again he tells us by knowledge

The more knowledge we have of Jesus, the more courage we begin to have

we need to understand that the Apostles, were able to be martyred

And countless believers who have and are being martyred Today are able to stand bravely for Christ

Because they knew Jesus intimately they had knowledge

Then Peter says we are to add temperance

= don’t over indulge in anything

I heard a woman on the radio who said she can make a small bag of M&M s. Last 2 weeks

And the other people were making fun of her because she only eats 1 M&M a day

Now that’s temperance

We are not suppose to let anything in this world get power over us


We’ve all heard every argument there is against drinking alcohol

One argument that we tend to ignore or not discuss

be it alcohol, tobacco, food, Sex. The Internet whatever


Is the power it has to consume us


People will say I only have one glass of wine with my dinner

But does that wine have the capability to have power over you?
And something else we never think about,

does that one glass of wine have power over those watching you?
Like your kids?

It’s really not about the wine, that’s an argument that will never be won

But it is about the power of that wine

Some people say we only drink to be social
Again it’s not the wine, it’s the power of that wine to make them accepted by their friends
We are to be empowered and controlled by the Holy Spirit


were not to let any other power to take his place


Vs. 6-8

All of these things when we seriously add these to our faith
Has one goal,


To make us more knowledgable about Jesus


So when Apostasy over comes our entire nation
We’re able to stand up for Jesus boldly and continue to live for him and proclaim the gospel


The question that we need to ask ourselves is

How much knowledge do we have about Jesus?

Do you know him better than your husband or wife?
Better than your parents. Or children?

Apr 14

Apostasy is here Pt 1

Whenever you read What Peter wrote and What Paul wrote in Timothy

You realize that both of them were warning about a coming apostasy

The word Apostasy in its simplest form = to turn away from God


Apostasy involves the entire human race,

When God created this world, it was intended that the entire world would have a relationship with God

But as we know the fall took place However, every person ever born, knows about God

Paul and Peter writes about a time that would come where the entire world would turn against God


This apostasy that they warned about is being fulfilled in our day


Pew research said that by 2050 that the Muslim religion will be at 78% of population worldwide

And Christianity will only compose 38% where right now

It’s the opposite

People worldwide are rejecting God

And those who claim to be Christians, Are turning away from Gods Word and faithfulness to his church

And Muslims reject God the Father and have their own god who is Allah

Nowhere in the world has this apostasy been felt more in recent history than in the United States

Europe as we know became the first country of the Apostate church
And Americans are following in their footsteps


The older Christians are dying out and there’s very few younger people getting saved and taking their place

Peter warns us of apostasy among the clergy as well as the people

Right now it is difficult to find a gospel preacher, who will stay with Gods Word no matter what in our churches

They don’t want to be singled out, or called names
They want to be popular and loved by all
But the reality is, it’s much better to be popular and loved by God than it is by anyone in this world


Peter is going to tell us,in II Peter, that the apostasy that he prophesied about is at our doorstep

And there’s only one way to deal with it

And that’s through knowledge
It’s not only through faith, or through believing on him

But we have to know Jesus as the only way to combat apostasy
John 17:3
And this is eternal life, that they might know thee, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent


We are to know him, not just about him


And that’s really at the base of why people who call themselves Christians are falling away


They know about Jesus, they preach, they sit in church, they sing songs


They fellowship, they take communion, and are baptized
But they never knew Christ personally
So when persecution comes, or someone dies, or someone delivers a feel good message
Or perhaps a new religion comes along
Their gone


people are turning away from the truth of God and going after what makes them feel good or to what they want to believe


Turn to II Peter, This epistle is known as the Swan Song

Because it is Peters last words to believers before he was crucified


Think about Peter for a moment

Not too many years before he wrote this epistle

He was right along with everyone else and ran from Jesus


But now, he is going to be killed and this time he’s ready

Why the change? What’s different about Peter?


Actually there’s nothing different about Peter, he’s still who he is

But what has changed is, now he knows Jesus

Although he walked with him, he knew about him

But after the resurrection, Peter got to know him on a personal level


For an example:
Let’s say someone asks a General if they knew President Eisenhower

And the General says, yes I knew him, I was under his command,
spoke with him often

Even played golf with him and ate at his home


But then Eisenhower dies

and and the General learns all sorts of things about him that he never knew
That’s the way it was for Peter,
after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Peter really came to know him


We can really know Jesus today, but it requires us to have knowledge

And it’s only through his Word that we can receive that knowledge


II Pet. 1:1

The first Word that I want us to look at is Precious

Why does he call faith precious?

First of all, because of what it cost Jesus
He had to suffer and shed his blood for our salvation


Secondly, out of all the billions of people born into this world
Not very many will find faith in Jesus

For those who do, it’s precious

Notice it says our precious faith came to us through God the father and his Son Jesus

How many Christian people do you know or have known that their lives are always in some crisis?

Or there’s always some drama going on in their homes?

And I tell them that they need to spend more time studying Gods Word

And they need to spend more time in church in bible study


Now why do I tell them that?

Is it just because I want these chairs filled on Sunday?


No, Because look at what Peter tells us here

If you want grace and peace in your lives

It only comes through knowledge of Gods Word, which only takes place when you study it


And when you spend time with other Christians studying Gods Word

But most people really don’t want to hear that

They don’t want to spend time studying or being in church with other believers


But yet Their lives are constantly involved with some sort of problem

And when something good happens they say there, that proves its a blessing from God

Nothing could be farther from the truth


The truth is, God is just allowing their sin to have its way

And the problems their having and the lack of grace and peace is the result of their sin


But every once in awhile something good happens or something works out

And they say, see there God is blessing us


But remember the unsaved have good days too
A true God given blessing are given to those who study Gods word and have knowledge


Who Are faithful to Gods work, his church and to other believers


But people have this false belief that they can live anyway they want and God is still going to bless them

It’s simply not true


Our faith is precious especially in a day when so many are rejecting salvation

And when so many who claim to be Christians are turning their backs on the Lord

Apostasy takes place because there is a lack of knowledge of God


Phil 3:10
That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made comformable unto his death


We are to know him, Christianity is a person


Dan. 11:32
And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries, but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits
Christians have got to come to the understanding

Until they know The person of Jesus Christ they will not be strong or do exploits = perform services

The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God while we are studying it

And he gives us knowledge of who Jesus is, and he makes him real to us

And until he becomes real to us, we will have a hard time spending time with him


Do you realize that we can actually know Jesus better than your closet earthly friend?

Better than your wife or husband?


II Pet. 1:3
Although Peter walked and talked with Jesus every day for 3 years
It wasn’t until after his death that Peter really came to the understanding of who Jesus really is

God has given us everything possible that we need to know him

But it’s up to us if we want to know him or not


it requires an investment from us

An investment of our time to study Gods Word

An investment of spending time with other believers talking about who Jesus is


The rewards are well worth it, not only will you become a friend of Jesus
But he will bless you because of your getting to know him


Do you want true blessings from God?
Then it will require a commitment on your part
You can go to some other church
And the pastor might tell you that God is going to bless you
just because you claim to be a believer

And I’m telling you, your being lied to

I will not lie to you, I will not pat you on your head and tell you how great you are
And that God is going to pour out blessings

He will, IF you follow the prescription that I’ve outlined


The apostasy that was prophesied is here

We are beginning to see the hatred for God and his Son being poured out


And it’s going to get worse and worse as time goes on
II Tim 3: 1-7
This is the time period we’re in
And Peter is going to tell us how we are to deal with it



Apr 5

A New Direction

Last week in my message, I was talking about suffering

And today being easter, we are reminded once again about the suffering of Christ on that cross


But his suffering produced something great for every person ever born

A new direction in life, if we so choose

There are people who have had life altering experiences after they accepted Christ as Savior

They were once drug addicts, prostitutes, drunks


There’s one woman who was a porn star, who got saved

And the change in their lives has been dramatic


Because of the suffering of Christ, He Made it possible for the worst of sinners, to have a new direction in life

I’ve had people say to me,they don’t have much of a testimony

They got saved young, and never really did anything that bad

They feel as though they can’t give a testimony, that would cause people to want to get saved

Folks, being saved from sin, is the biggest transformation anyone could ever make


It doesn’t matter how big or little of a sinner you were

Turning from the darkness of sin, a direction of eternal separation from God

And turning to a new direction, Gives every person who has been born again, a testimony of the greatness of our Lord and Savior


I truly believe, there are more rewards for the person who got saved young
Lived a consistent, faithful life, and never got into much trouble

Than there is for those who lived and enjoyed their sin and got saved later in life

God has always highly honored faithfulness

And besides, it doesn’t matter how dramatic or not your testimony is

It’s not your testimony that brings people to salvation

It’s the convicting Holy Spirit, through the gospel that brings people to salvation

When they see their own sin and repent
Salvation gives every sinner a new direction in our lives

Jesus came down from heaven, walked horizontally on this earth

And when he came out of the grave, turned and went a new direction which was up!


Those who are saved went from walking straight down to hell, To changing direction to going up to heaven


But although God has changed our direction

We have to be careful, that we don’t forget the direction we’re going

When life is easy and we’re not suffering,
there is a danger of drifting into a state of mind where we become complacent, and think that somehow we’re owed blessings from God

We come to a place where we do not value our life in Christ as we should

As a Christian, what value do you put upon life?


All of us need to learn an important lesson

God permits his children to suffer in order to keep us away from sin

And for us to put a proper value on our life in Christ


But when life is going well, our relationship with Christ can grow cold

many Christians have a tendency to drift back into some old habits


I told you a while back, when I was younger I lied about everything

Last week the insurance adjuster looked at our bumper and some office dummy called me

And he said he didn’t know what I hit, but it wasn’t an animal,

that he don’t know what I thought I saw
But there was no evidence of an animal hit and it looked like a lot of previous damage

I know there was previous damage and we never said there wasn’t

Any adjuster would be able to see that, and I knew it and wasn’t hiding it

And I told him that I didn’t appreciate being called a liar, I know what we hit, we took a picture of it

And it was the raccoon that I felt was the last blow to that bumper

God has changed my direction, I don’t like being called something I’m not

And I don’t like being reminded of what I once was

That’s over, in the past and covered by the blood of Christ


But there are times, that’s exactly what We all need,

a reminder of what sin did to my life and what it did to yours


Ps. 66: 10 -12
I think there’s many Christians who need to be reminded of the suffering Christ on the cross

And they themselves need some suffering in their lives

And a reminder of what it did to their lives
Because far too many have had life too easy, they take Jesus for granted and they have slipped back into some old habits


Habits that they had before they got saved

Habits that were suppose to be gone because Christ gave them a new direction
I Pet. 4:7
When Jesus came out of that grave, the last days began

And the countdown began of the time we have left to be on this earth
And here he says the end of all things is at hand
Knowing that our days are numbered

How do we want to finish out our lives before we meet Jesus face to face?

Living a life of righteousness ?

Or living a life struggling with some sin?


In my 25 yrs of being a pastor,

I have heard every excuse possible of why someone is struggling with some sin

I’ve heard every excuse of why they aren’t in church

I have said many many times over the yrs, we do what we want to do

And if you don’t want to do something, we don’t do it

But everyone of us can be where we want to be

I knew some people once that had a hard time getting to church,

But they never missed taking their kids to a baseball game on Sunday

But God requires us to be honest and not make excuses

People have told me over the yrs that they love the Lord and me as their pastor

But it’s been a long distance relationship!
So Peter says, knowing the time is near
Live your life sober

Sober here means intelligent
A Christian ought to be intelligent, they ought know their bible, all that they are able to cram into their heads

I really don’t think God wants dumb children, that’s why he gave us an instruction book

But there’s a lot of dumb Christians out there because they don’t like instructions


Secondly, Christians need to be discerning


When this evil world lies to you about everything

We need to be able to recognize that we’re being lied to


And the lies are coming from every direction, government, science and religion
Knowing the Word of God keeps us from falling into believing their lies


And then he says watch unto prayer
Which means we are to be people of prayer


Prayer keeps our minds on God and off of sin

Prayer keeps us talking with God instead of talking with the Devil

And both of these things keeps us going in the right direction

Living a life that pleases our Savior
When Christ came out of that grave, he gave us the opportunity

To change the direction that we were going

Every person ever conceived, was conceived in sin and was directed to hell


But because of Christ, our sin can be forgiven, and we are then directed to heaven


When I first came here and got to know everyone

I assumed that everyone was saved

That’s a mistake that I’ve made on my part,

I can never assume just because your nice people, and talk the talk


That there has really been a transformation in your heart and a new direction has taken place


When people can leave a church, any church

And then go and live in sin, I have to realize that not everyone is saved


Many sit in church year after year and their just as dead in sin today as they were years ago


Just because someone sits in church with a smile and gets along with people because their good

Doesn’t make them a Christian

It’s when that person has truly understood that they are a sinner

And that they need Jesus to forgive their sin


When their heart has truly been transformed through the blood of Christ

Is when that person has began a new direction


Does everyone here really understand what sin is?
Do you really understand that only Christ can forgive your sin?
And have you really asked God to forgive your sin through his Son Jesus Christ?


If you have, then there should be proof of a changed life

You once ran with sinners, You looked like them, talked like them

You hung out with ungodly groups and did things that the crowd did

You drove anywhere and everywhere, but not to church on Sunday’s

But because of a new life in Christ,

He gave you a new direction
You turned away from sin you no longer looked or talked like them, habits in your life died


You no longer hung out with groups of sinners or involved with their clubs


And instead of driving to worldly things, You drive to church and meet with the Godly wanting to serve the Lord


Christ coming out of that grave, gave us a new direction
In what direction are you headed?














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