Oct 2

Being close to God

If your like me, there are probably times that you feel like your not as close to the Lord or have the excitement that other Christians seem to have.

But what I’m learning is, our closeness and excitement is all rooted in our obedience to The Lord and to the Word of God!

It’s easy to get away from a close relationship due to the decisions that we make that are not in line with Gods Word.

We sometimes make decisions that draw us away from Jesus because those decisions are things that he has already told us not to do.

Or we lose our closeness and excitement by our becoming to busy, we have a couple in our church that takes off for the entire summer because they have too many fun things to do.

The sad thing is, when people are not in fellowship with Gods people and with his Word, they lose their closeness to The Lord and find they begin to have many problems in their lives because The Lord is not blessing those who forsake the assembly of themselves together in Gods house. If we want the closeness and joy to be in our hearts we have to be with Gods people worshipping and enjoying each other’s company.

But we are living in days where we have become so self absorbed that churches continue to drop in attendance because we’re more important than our relationship to Christ is.

And Christians can’t understand why their lives are in such upheaval all the time. Perhaps the joy and excitement of Christ isn’t that important anymore, and maybe we need to be reminded that Jesus is returning very soon, and what will he say to you when you meet?

Will he say well done thou good and faithful child of mine? Or will he shake his head and ask you why didn’t you love me?

Sep 2

Traitors to the Faith

John Ch. 6 speaks about  Traitors To The Faith,  those are people who once claimed to be a Christian, but later on, turned their backs on God. They once went to church, but today they find other things to do.

What draws people to Christianity but then later, leave it?  

There are different reasons, some are drawn because there was no conviction over their sin. there are many churches like Seeker churches who are notorious for getting people to church but then never bringing them to Christ.  

They refuse to preach the need of Jesus and forgiveness because of our sin. They say you can’t judge them, you can only love them, but what good is loving them but allowing them to go to hell? Loving them is doing what Jesus told us, that no one can enter heaven until he has repented of their sin and have confessed that Jesus Christ is the only Savior.

Another reason is some people love a crowd, great music, or a bunch of women up on the stage singing and shaking their behinds to a leering group of men! Or men to women, now days women are just as sexually crude as men are.

But if there is no conversion from their sin, people will eventually get bored and leave, after-all the sin that is in the world calls to the sin that is in their hearts and they go to fulfill it.

And all the singing and sexual temptations of the people up front begins to wear thin, theres nothing there to develop a relationship with the ever living God, and so. they find other places to be on Sunday.

Other people just use the excuse of being too busy and not enough time in a week, so family and social gathering happens on the Lords day.

Fact is, traitors to the faith were never saved to begin with and so they leave. A true born again believer who is trying to walk away will be miserable, corrected by God, joyless and not able to get peace in their hearts.

God deals with those who really are his children, you can run, but you can’t hide.

If you once went to church, but now you don’t and you don’t feel any of the things I just mentioned, good chance you got religion, you knew who God is, but your on your way to hell.

Check your heart, is it in love with Jesus and with his people or not? 

Aug 16

Will We Stand?

In I Tim 4,  it tells us about what the world will become before the Lord returns, and it says that their conscience will be seared with a hot iron.

Which means, that mankind will reject God and will become so full of evil, that they no longer have any conscience about committing evil acts.

It also means that since they have no conscience between good & evil, that they will make the most stupid decisions that a person could ever make, but yet, at the same time think that they are so wise.

Our American society is the poster child of a country that has had its conscience seared.

If someone reads a bible at the DMV, it becomes an act of criminality to where one can be arrested.

If a clown puts on a mask and mocks the liberals god (obama) it becomes a federal case.

If an illegal from Mexico just says they are a refugee, they can get a motel, SSI, food, healthcare, and every benefit that working Americans can’t have, but have to foot the bill!!

Without a conscience, there is no common sense, there is only stupid decisions made by those who have rejected the living God.

But wait, since there is no conscience, they will hate those who do, because we know who the living God is and have a relationship with him, and because of that, they will make us their target of hatred.

The time is here, will we walk by faith and continue to walk with the Lord when they attack Christians? Our faith is beginning to be tried, suffering is beginning to occur to those who love the Lord.

Will you stand up for Jesus?  Will you defend the name of Christ?  Don’t worry, your going to find out if you can or not.

Take heart, God will never leave us nor forsake us and has a hedge of protection around us.


Aug 9

Racism Apparently is a One Way Street

You all have probably heard about the 3,  15 year olds who brutally beat a 13 year old white kid, breaking his arm and multiple injuries.

After all of the race baiting of the (reverends ??)  Sharpton and Jackson who tried to make it look like white people are the only ones capable of bigotry, they are silent when a white kid gets attacked by blacks, and never say a word against numerous other attacks by blacks on whites also.

Why are people still listening to these 2 pathetic individuals? Do we realize how much money they have made off of keeping hatred between the races going?

I’ve been preaching for over 20 years and I know what Jesus expects of his pastors, and these 2 don’t come close to what God expects. They are actually Pharisees that Jesus condemned.

Any pastor who stands in public and lies, and stirs up hatred for ANYBODY is not someone the Lord has called to be one of  HIS  PASTORS.

We are to preach the truth and only the truth and we are not to make money off the misery of others.

Racism is a two way street, whites and blacks are equally guilty of racism, its never been a one way street and its just as sinful for a white as well as a black to attack someone due to race.

I was raised during the 60′s and I remember all the work that was done to heal the race differences and much was accomplished, one of my best friends when I was a pre-teen was Jonny a black kid, we had a great time together.

And to watch these so called reverends do nothing but divide, divide, divide, someday they will fall before the Lord Jesus and they will beg for mercy before a righteous God. 


Aug 5

Hatred for God and His Son

Yesterday I preached on Psalm 2:1 -3 about Davids future prophecy on how the political leaders and the religious rulers of ALL NATIONS will gather together along with all of the people of the earth to fight against God and his Son Jesus Christ.

We can’t imagine this happening right now, especially since hardly any leaders can get along at all today. But soon, it will change, the hatred for God and his Son is increasing, this hatred has been going on since the start of the church and will continue to grow until it culminates at the battle of Armageddon.

Everything we do as citizens is being tracked by our government, our cars are having its license plates tracked by roadside cameras, so they know every place you visit. They then can track your purchases at businesses and then listen on your cell phone calls and know who your talking too.

They can know your habits, likes, dislikes and then when they have full control over our healthcare, they will be able to prescribe what is best for your life.

We will have no say, since we are controlled by our government, and it will be easier to do all of this if they just put a computer chip in our hand or forehead as described in scripture.

But before all of this can take place, the hatred for God and his Son must continue to escalate, and it is.

If you put anything on a blog or website that is telling people they need Jesus in order to enter heaven, you will be attacked for saying that.   

Did you know that atheism is something of our time and not from the past? In every nation there has always been some form of belief in God, until our modern time. This tells us that the hatred for God is growing.

Did you know the god of liberalism, doesn’t exist? Liberals say they believe in God and Jesus and yet they support abortion, homosexuality, government control over our lives, worship of the earth (global warming) the Jesus of liberals has never existed, he condemns their beliefs and calls them sinners, proving that the hatred for God and his Son Jesus is coming to a climax.

We are watching prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes and I thank God that we who are born again by the blood of Jesus Christ will be in heaven with Jesus before the battle of Armageddon takes place through the rapture of the church.

Where will you be?  still on this earth getting ready to war against God and his Son?

You don’t have to be, you can bypass all this hatred and accept Christ as your Savior and be in heaven for eternity, its your choice right now.

Heavens waiting, Jesus is waiting for your decision. 





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