Mar 17

God is following his plan pt 5

I Peter 3:12.

For the eyes are over the righteous and his ears are open unto their prayers but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil
This is a quote from Ps 34: 15-16

I’ve been talking about how Gods following his plan

and part of his plan was to send his Son Jesus to pay the penalty of sin

He died on that cross so that you and I can be forgiven and have the promise of heaven

This verse is a strong statement about his plan of who would be allowed into heaven
And it flies in the face of those who claim that it is Gods duty

To allow everyone to come into heaven

It also flies into the face of the Muslims who claim that murdering Christians and Jews gets them into heaven


There is a Christian holocaust going on right now, Christians are being slaughtered by the thousands

women and children being raped and sold into slavery

Men are being beaten, beheaded, shot and burned to death

And barely a whimper is being heard from most leaders except Netanyahu

American leaders keep snubbing him and hurting our alliance with Israel

President BO has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t like Israel or its leadership

They have even sent a team of people to Israel to try to cause Netanyahu lose his election

With their help, they established a 4 man socialist party that will try to take Netanyahu’s power away

Pres. BO hates capitalism and is working non stop trying to bring down the two greatest nations of capitalism
We all know who BO is and what his goal is of instituting a socialist government

And there’s no sense in not saying it the way it is

He has also made it abundantly clear that he does not think there’s Islamist terrorist

And he has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t believe that there’s a Christian holocaust going on

His lack of care and refusal to get involved is evidence of where his heart is

And it is not for Jesus

He doesn’t have a voice or any power in the Middle East
This is the first American president that doesn’t scare anyone accept his own citizens

Without question God is a loving God, and he knew the direction the worlds leaders would go

That’s why he has a plan, that’s why he sent his So

That’s why he sends his Spirit around the world to convict sinners that they need Jesus

But his plan also tells us about his character

First it says he sees over the righteous,

the righteous are those who have accepted his Son
He knows when things are going good for me and when things are going bad

He sees the things I do, the places I go or don’t g

He sees the times when I’m giving and when I’m selfish

He sees how I treat people

He sees my everyday activities and it says here he watches over me

We’re his sheep and he’s the Shepard

It says he hears my prayers

That means no matter what I say to him, he hears me
When I’m shouting for joy or screaming in pain, he hears me
If I have a need, he hears me,

if I have a praise he hears me

He sees and hears me because I’m his child


But look at the end of this verse

His face is against them that do evil

This idea that God hears everyone’s prayers isn’t true

His face is against sinners, those who do evil
Some would say now wait a minute preacher,

just because I don’t believe in Jesus Christ doesn’t make me evil, I’m a good person


We as Christians have got to stop soft soaping and playing down the truth of Gods Word

Many preachers are trying to make our faith sellable and more tasteful to sinner

Bible says come out from among them, and be ye different


According to Gods Word, if you have not accepted Christ as your Savior

Then your apart of Satans family which is evil

The unsaved are evil by their association of the family their in

And since their in Satans family, they can pray their heads of

and all they’ve accomplished is losing their heads


The only prayer that God will hear is the prayer of repentance and the acceptance of his so

And the only way to heaven is through his Son


Look at the difference between how one gets to heaven through God the father

And how one gets to heaven through Allah, the Muslim God
First of all these poor dumb and blind Christian people

who keep trying to mix Christianity with Islam had better wake up


We serve two different Gods
Allah is the god of death and hell,

if you want to get great rewards from Allah

you must kill, and destroy anyone who doesn’t accept Alla

But Jesus said that one comes to him by simple faith and repentance of your sin

You don’t have to kill anyone to please Jesus,
Jesus loves life and wants us to live our lives with joy serving him


According to the bible there is grace for those who struggle with living for God

There’s grace for those who don’t go to church all the time or who are not sold out completely

But according to the Koran there is no room for joy or grac

There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim

And for those who try to practice that type of Muslim faith

are also being slaughtered like the Sunnis
The Koran calls for the death of anyone who doesn’t practice Sharia law or jihadi or participate in a caliphate


The Muslim faith and the Christian faith are polar opposites and will never be in union together


Many people don’t know that during the height of German Nazism
They had made an alliance with the Muslims and nazism became apart of the Muslim faith


And what is going on with this worldwide caliphate (which is world domination)
is an exact replica of nazism but this time instead of Jews being slaughtered

a Christian holocaust is taking place, but Israels next
The exact same thing happened with Hitler and the Jews


The world knew about it, but ignored it, and by the time they decided to do something about it
They almost lost to the whole world to becoming Nazis


The whole world should be outraged and fighting against this


But instead our president and most of the other world leaders are choosing to ignore it

this time, if they decide to wake up, may be too late


Perhaps this is the one world religion that the bible speaks about that will engulf the entire world
And it will usher in the rapture of the Church and Gods tribulation


Think about how easily this nation could fall to Islam

our borders remain open and thousands have come over and no one knows exactly where they’re from

Pres. bO wants to bring in an additional 230,000 Syrian Refugees without doing a background on each one

Bush brought in thousands of Muslim Somali refugees 10 yrs ag

who never got jobs and are living on government assistance
The FBI has been watching Islamist training camps in the US

and thousands of mosques are popping up everywhere across America


Someday soon we may have a war going on in our own country against Isla

Or we might just slowly be taken over as some cities like NYC would like to begin recognizing Muslim holidays

instead of celebrating our traditional holidays


we have a president who desires that America is no longer safe by being a super power

it’s very apparent to me, that this guy couldn’t care less about the American people

We could talk the rest of this week about the evil that is going on across the world and in our country

And Peter tells us that the face of God is against those who are evil

In Gods plan, he stands with those who are righteous and against those who are no

Knowing this evil that surrounds us

what is the Christians attitude suppose to be ?

as we become targets for persecution and even possible death in the future?

I pet. 3:13
And who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good?


Does that mean that God gives us armor so that nobody can harm us?

That isn’t working for Christians in the Middle East

But and if you suffer for righteousness sake, happy are ye, and be not afraid of their terror, neither be trouble

What God is saying here is we will not escape suffering
Christianity is not a picnic in this evil world
But when we stand with God, even when we are persecuted or even killed
They really haven’t done anything to us,
because on this earth or off this earth we will forever be with God


Vs15. But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts
= make God a sanctuary in your heart
Have God as a priority in your heart, to go to in worship and praise


What’s our attitude suppose to be? Keep serving and worshipping God


Vs15 again
And be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of hope that is In you with meekness and fear
I was talking with our oldest son Brandon and he said as a cop he has to be everything to everyone
He has to even be a marriage counselor to his men on his team


But talking to them about how a Christian marriage works with the Lord in it, isn’t easy

it’s hard to talk to people about the Lord when we live in a world that has become so hostile to Jesus


But the Lord says for us to be ready to give an answer to all men

But he tells us how we’re suppose to do it
First of all with meekness
We have a pastor friend, who I was told was attending a funeral and the pastor asked him if he wanted to say a few words
he got up and walked up and down the aisle, with his bible under his arm

pointing his finger at everyone and telling them if they don’t repent they’re all going to hell

He then had them all bow their heads and had an alter call

And remember this is at a funeral,
the pastor who was doing the funeral said he felt like getting into the coffin

It was embarrassing
To present the gospel, we’re not to do it with harshness or intimidation

With fear means we need to remind ourselves that we are representing the all powerful, King of kings
Who has the power over hell and judgement

And we don’t stand there like we’re so important,

we stand in fear in the presence of the one we represent


My mom told us that since they got their new pasto

That’s it’s strange not being yelled at anymore


I can’t think of one time that I’ve stood up here and yelled at you

You may think it sounds like it, because if I’m telling the truth and its hitting too close to home

It may sound like I’m yelling

But a pastors face shouldn’t be against his congregation
Just like Gods face is against evil, a pastor should be also


Every believers face should be against evil

There’s a lot of pastors and believers who are going to have to answer to God someday

For not standing against evil
Where do we stand today?
Does our way of thinking glorify God?


Does our beliefs align with Gods word?
Peter says, have God as your priority, and the face of God will be with you






Mar 9

God is following his plan pt4

I’ve been talking about how God has a plan and he is following his plan

We left off last time talking about receiving a blessing

The whole world talks about being blessed, Christians as well as non Christians

Everyone has this idea, that if things are going right, or something special happens, it’s a blessing from God

But what the world doesn’t realize is, God doesn’t bless the unsaved, at least not directly

Bible tells us that the unsaved are blessed because of Gods children

They receive sunshine and rain because of us being here

In the future, when Christians are removed, what takes place immediately afterward? Judgement begins

Peter tells us in ch 3:8-9 for those Christians who will be

“All of one mind”. = believing the same doctrine, having the same goals of reaching people for Christ

Raising your kids to love the Lord, pursuing peace in your home and in the church
Having compassion for others, loving Other Christians

Being humble and courteous

Those are the ones who will receive a blessing from God

Now when I read that list, I don’t think there’s as many Christians getting blessed as many claim

God does watch over us and protects us and helps us everyday And we can rightfully say we’re blessed

But what Peter is talking about here is special blessings

for those who live their lives fulfilling these verses
It may be financial, it may come as someone doing something special for you personally

It may be healing of something physical, It may be an answer to a specific prayer

But we receive a special blessing if we are living in accordance to vs 8-9

But the reality is, I don’t meet too many Christians who fit this description

Although they say their being blessed, I think it’s more that God is watching over them daily because they are his children

But they are missing special blessings because they do not live the type of life Peter describes in vs 8-9
Let’s move to vs 10 For he who will love life

I find this interesting here that he speaks directly to loving life

When you and I got saved, we were covered with the blood of Christ

And under his blood, we are forgiven for past, present and future sins

Committing suicide as a Christian is a sin, without question

It shows that they had a lack of faith, a lack of reliance on God, A lack of Christian character

And a lack of loving life

But they are covered by the blood of Christ and nothing can separate us from his love not even suicide
Peter however tells us that We are to love life, that’s why a Christian cannot ever support abortion, that’s a life

Regardless if that child is conceived through rape, I can sympathize for that woman

But that child is innocent, and it is life, and cannot be murdered

How many people say that they hate their lives?

Why should we love life?

First of all Because it’s God who gave us life and he wants us to glorify him with our lives

Also because it’s very short here on earth

It seems like it was just yesterday Sal and I got married, but is been going on 40 yrs

I’m still as sexy as ever but ..”…..its a curse

Peter says we are to love life, but? will everyday be sunshine and lollipops?

No, vs 10. And see good days

He didn’t say good weeks or months or even good yrs
He said we’ll see some good days

which in my mind when I read this also tells me I’m going to see some bad days

Sickness, death, financial worries, problems with kids

There’s some days that aren’t so good

We have a friend named Roger who has been given 3-6 months to live,

Sal and I talked to another woman we know yesterday who has a tumor in her saliva gland in her tongue

She’s our age and she’s worried

But Peter has some advice for us when those bad days come

Let him refrain his tongue from evil

Regardless of the circumstances I’m in I’m not to speak evilly which would include getting angry and yelling at God

What gets us into more trouble than anything else?
Us shooting off our mouths

Running someone down, talking trash about someone
Cursing seems to be a new American habit,

there’s always been cursing, But today it truly has become a national problem

Unfortunately there’s a lot of Christians today who are not enjoying life to its fullest

And getting everything out of life because of their filthy mouths that speaks evil

And it is so easy to curse and talk bad about people

You see the things they do or say and you just can’t help but to comment on their stupidity

I’ve been told I should get a facebook account,

no that would be a very bad idea

I probably wouldn’t be able to contain myself to make some comments of things I read

It’s better to not have something than to be tempted by it

Lord told us to get rid of the things that tempt us

Some people ought to get rid of facebook or Twitter because it’s become a habit
And then he says that the Christian lips shouldn’t speak any guile = lies

A second national habit and problem we have is lying

presidents all the way down to our little children can lie without blinking

I’ve told people that it’s a real challenge when a politician speaks to find one sentence that is true

But it’s not just politicians who are professional and habitual liars

It’s also our media, our schools, and our family members

And it’s also Christians

Peter is telling us as Gods children that we are not to be talking bad about people or lying

Cursing and lying becomes a habit, and it becomes something that is hard to break

Something I learned why people curse and lie is because they are full of themselves

Their full of pride and they desire to make themselves even bigger
so they curse and lie, thinking it makes them look big

But when a Christian does these things the Lord says its evil
But if they can see and admit what they are and what their doing is evil

is when God can really transform their hearts

Vs11. Let him eschew evil. Or hate evil

When you can come to the place where you see what evil really is

You don’t want to be any part of it, the Lord can show us a different direction

Seek peace and pursue it. Vs11
God wants us to have peace in our lives

There’s a lot of people who want peace, they talk about peace

But the only way you can achieve peace is by pursuing it

This us where the wheels fall off the wagon

Every time we get a new president and a new Secretary of State

It is always their goal of getting a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians

And every time, they sit down, draw up a plan, shake hands

They Go out the door and within the next day or two
Palestinians start throwing bombs

Fact is some Palestinians want peace, but they don’t want to pursue it

Pursuing it takes work, determination, and most people aren’t willing to work for it
So Israel has to go on the defensive in order to protect lives

Last weekend when I was with our son Brandon on a ride a long

He was telling me things about the homes they have to go to
And these people have no peace in their lives

Their homes are a war zone

He’s been to 4 suicides and dozens of heroine overdoses in the past month

Heroine is making a big comeback as a cheaper high, but it’s deadly

I’m sure many of these people want peace

But this shows us how true the bible is

It’s one thing to want it, but it’s a whole different thing to pursue it

It’s Gods plan that our lives and our homes to be blessed and peaceful

but are we willing to put the time in to achieve it?

Many Christians are very satisfied having their homes a place of continual drama and fighting

But that’s no way to live because if you go back to vs 8-9

We end up missing blessings from God

We can have peace, if we follow his plan



Mar 5

I’m a global warmist now

For the first time I have become a believer in global warming, I was up in Newberry which is in the upper peninsula of Michigan and it was 21 BELOW 0,  (actual temperature)

I then drove the next day to Indiana and it was 40 ABOVE a 61 degree change in one day, if that doesn’t make you a believer then what took place next will.

they say its global change, it went from Snowing to sunny in that same day, Are You Convinced now?

And then today I found out that there are some liberals who are proposing That global warming and change is what caused ISIS to become terrorist!

That must be true, because on that same trip, I became moody And stressed out while I tried to stay on the road due to the ice.

man o man how could I not see these things before, I was under the impression that liberals were insane when all this time they were……

Oh who am I kidding, they are Full of wind

Feb 22

God is following his plan pt3

When God created Adam and Eve he also created marriage, And He designed it with a plan

And that plan was for marriage between a man and woman to be a reflection of Gods relationship to mankind

It was to be a bond of love that included talking to each other
Spending time together, protecting each other
And Providing for each other

There’s an ease between the two because their relationship is built on love
And that’s exactly the kind of relationship God wants to have with us
He wants to love us, talk to us, spend time with us, Protect us. And provide for us


The relationship between a husband and wife, was to be a reflection of our relationship with God

And that’s why marriage is so precious to God and does not want it destroyed


In I Peter 3 he speaks about marriage between the saved and unsaved

But in that relationship there isn’t any ease,


it’s difficult because it’s not a reflection of a marriage that is a part of Gods plan
Either saved with saved or unsaved with unsaved only


So Peter delves into this subject in an attempt to stop saved women from making a mistake


if a saved woman is married to an unsaved man, She is still suppose to keep her relationship to God in first place and display a Godly life

So that her unsaved husband can see the Godliness of her life and he’ll come to salvation
I Peter 3:1 again
the Christian home, should be a showplace for marriage


A place where the unsaved can look at as a model for all couples who want to get married


It should be a place where couples can see a right relationship with God and with each other

And it encourages them to want a marriage just like that Christian couple has

But when the world looks at many marriages who claim to be Christian, And they see divorce, kids out of control or that home is a war zone

Where the husband and wife are at each other, yelling, complaining or nagging constantly


The unmarried will not see any worth of a Christian home

You’ll remember I told you where my wife works, she has told them that she is going to go with me for the summer month

And some of her married co-workers can’t understand why she would want to be with me, cooped up in a van!


They have even told her, there’s no way they would want to be with their husbands

You have to ask the question, what do their children see when they look at their parents?


Are they encouraged to have a marriage just like their parents
because there’s so much love displayed in their home?


I think it’s sad, that they have that type of marriage, It shows what their relationship really is and that the foundation that it’s built on, is not firm

Why would anyone want to be married if you hate the thought of being together?

I told Sal I wouldn’t want to be married to someone who didn’t want to be with me


Before the industrial revolution hit, almost all families worked together, Either on a farm, ranch, out of their homes, or if they had a business in town, Their homes were nearby and the family worked in the business

But the thing is, families spent a great deal of time together

And look at the differences there are with the relationships back then and today?


Most families went to church, abuse was low, divorce was low

Today, many kids don’t know who their parents are Or Who their relatives are


There is so much dysfunction, and hatred with-in families that any cop will tell you

It’s safer going after a bank robber than inside of a home that’s at war with each other


I think the majority of marriages today began on lust and not love

Lust runs its course

and after awhile their left with someone they don’t really know or even like

The lust dries up and they find themselves In a loveless marriage and the fighting begins


I’ve heard it said by men who are married to a beautiful woman, That although she’s beautiful, you can’t live with her

Remember proverbs says it’s easier to live on a rooftop than inside with a brawling woman

Peter is showing us why it’s so important for a couple to begin their marriage with God as the head in their home

If that couple will love God and love each other and put the lust aside and really look to the heart of that person before they put a ring on that finger

That couple just may be the home that reflects Gods plan

And their children might grow up and want just what their parents have


Peter then leaves the home and marriage and how it’s to conduct itself

And goes to the church and how it’s suppose to conduct itself


Now why did Peter cover the home first and then the church?

Because the home is a reflection of the church

And if the home is not in a right relationship with God and with each other

Those individuals will come to church, and what they are at home will be translated into the church


Look at what the church is suppose to be


Like minded = doctrinally we all believe the same thing

We believe the same thing about raising kids

Treating our spouses, Politics

We will have different opinions on things

But in general terms we are to agree on the bible, church, our homes and our country

Says we are to be sympathetic, tender hearted and courteous


Now do you see why Peter covered how we are to conduct ourselves in our homes first?

How we are in our homes will be the same way we conduct ourselves in the church

If you are fighting, nagging, wanting your own way, your the boss and no one is going to tell you anything

You’ll be the same way in the church


Pastor Boeve has told me in the past that the hardest people to deal with in church
Are women who are the boss in their homes

And men whose wives are the bosses in their home
Those women come to church and think they can push everyone around and the pastor too

And their husbands who are spineless in their home come to church and try to flex their muscles

He says both are ungodly and they bring their ungodliness into the church


The home and the church are to be a reflection of Gods plan of a loving relationship between God and man


Peter says for the married couple who will not render evil for evil

Which = if your wronged somehow, your not going to try to get even
Your going to let God do your fighting and your going to keep a godly testimony before the world

Why would we do that, when our first instinct is to fight, yell scream and demand our rights?


Vs 9. We will inherit a blessing


Do you want to be blessed?


Why aren’t more homes blessed?


Because they refuse to follow Gods plan for their relationship in their homes

God says if you’ll do the things that I’ve outlined
I’ll heap blessings on you

And your home will be a home of peace and your kids will grow up and want the same thing in their homes


Get with Gods plan in your home and in the church and you’ll begin to see blessings


But to get blessings takes work

A married couple has to always be willing to examine their relationship

And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married, you have to continually work at it
And work at making corrections but it’s worth it, to get blessed
God wants to bless us


He loves us and wants us to enjoy our lives and each other
But it takes us wanting the same thing



Feb 21

A Nation Of Whiners

I read another story about a Christian flower shop owner who is going to lose her business just as cake makers, and photographers who are Christians are losing their businesses because of the homosexual community.

They have stood on their Christian principles of not engaging in or supporting a sinful lifestyle that God condemns and they have counted on their first amendment rights to do business with whom they want.

But according to our courts, a Christians free speech and free excercise of their religion, no longer is a citizens right.

Everywhere I look and I mean everywhere, in the media, TV, radio anywhere you want to look, we are told that the homosexual community is so loving.

All they want is to be married and raise a family and show what good and loving people they are.

Hummm, is that the way you see them?

What I see is a group of people who hate anyone who opposes them and are willing to go to  any length to shut them down and take everything from them if they disagree with their sinful lifestyle.

I have never seen a Christian go after a business that is owned by homos and try to shut them down.

Ive never seen Christians marching through the streets demanding that everyone love and accept them.

what I see is a community of people who think they deserve special treatment because of a lifestyle choice.

But the militant hatred that these folks have for anyone who disagrees is appalling.

So what if someone disagrees with you, people disagree with me being a Christian, so what?

they have a right to disagree, I couldn’t care less, I’m not going to go out and sue them, try to take away their livelihood or their homes.

Ive come to the conclusion that America has become a nation of pouting whiners who throws a tantrum if they don’t get what they want.

Its time that America takes off their diapers and grow up.

we use to be a nation of adults, who let people live by their own rules.

But no longer,  the Radical, militant, homosexual and atheist groups Have taken the nursery of whining and tantrums to a whole new level of low.

These groups want to win everyone over to their side and see them as fun and loving as they are portrayed on TV.

Sorry, that’s not the picture I have of these groups, I see a very different picture, one of hatred, unhappiness and getting even.

If that’s the way they want to live, so be it, I don’t want to, I don’t want to waste my life trying to prove to the world my self worth.


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