Jan 22

Polar bears swimming in Florida

I don’t know about you, but is sure am glad Al Gores global warming has come true, this morning I woke up to a heat wave of 17 degrees!  But thankfully it was only 2 when I went to bed, that’s a whole 15 degree rise!!!

since all the polar caps melted, I’m thinking of trading in my truck for a boat to make deliveries, seems to make sense, the only problem I’m having is finding where the edge of the water starts so I can put my boat in, I’ve driven several states and still can’t find the shore.

I’m starting to think ol Al, didn’t know what he was talking about as he walked to the bank with so much of our money, but I’m sure he’s feeling bad about spending all that money.

Hey, you don’t think,  no, not Al, he wouldn’t have dreamed this up to get money do you?

no couldn’t be, I wonder if he would help me buy a new snowblower, mines not big enough to handle tons of snow that just keeps falling in my yard,

do you think if the majority of people who believe what our government tells them, actually burned a brain cell and thought for themselves, that their heads would collapse from losing their one cell?

The Bible says that all liars will have their place in hell, don’t look for too many politicians in heaven folks, at least not today’s but I’m sure we’ll meet our forefathers who would be ashamed of what our government has become.

a den of liars and thieves


Dec 25

We’re all Sinners

We’ll here we on Christmas morning and all of our kids and grand kids are here, this hadn’t happened in years.

today is the day we celebrate our Saviors birth, Jesus Gods son who was born to die for the salvation of Sinners.

Sin has been a big topic in the news lately because of the Duck Dynasty  Commander Phil Robertson.

I’ve read a lot of different opinions on this from different sources, and one of them said that most Christians do not agree with Phil, I hate to break the news but what Phil said is exactly what the bible says that God wrote.

The reason why homosexuals got mad is because someone told the truth about their lifestyle and what’s ahead for them not being able to enter heaven until it’s repented of and they leave that lifestyle.

all of us are sinners and need forgiveness, sin came upon all mankind when Adam chose to obey Satan instead of God and therefore we all have to repent and accept Christ.

homosexuality is no more or no less than any other sin, sin is sin regardless of its size and all sin will keep us separated from God

Phil Robertson spoke the truth and every born again believer needs to speak up and stand up for The Lord.

There’s much more I could say on this but it’s Christmas, and everyone is getting out of bed

Dec 2

Going to church proved your saved

Thanksgiving is over and it didn’t turn out quite the way we had planned, but things never do. We were going to go to our sons house, but everyone there was coming down with the flu, so we decided we better stay home, but we had a nice day anyhow, I got to switch the Lions game who finally won after 9 seasons.

at our church however, I’ve been preaching through the book of I John, and this week we looked at chapter 2 and it speaks about those people who attend church perhaps for years. They look like Christians, talk, dress, speak just like someone who is saved, but after a while, maybe even years later, they stop going to church.

in I John it tells us that these people were never apart of the family of God, if they had been they would have continued with us.


its not easy seeing people you have known and become friends with, just stop  coming to church and you want to believe their really in a Gods family. But when you think about it, why do some people stay with a group of believers through thick or thin and others fade away and stay home?

those who stay, it says their hearts love the Lord, those who leave, never loved The Lord and they go back to serving the one who they really love, Satan.

They would tell you that they don’t love Satan, but the truth is, if you don’t love God the Father and his son Jesus Christ, then you love Satan, because there are only 2 ways to go,  toward God or Satan there is no neutral ground.

your either going to spend eternity in heaven or hell, and it’s our choice, God is not going to twist anyones arm to come to heaven.

but the only way to heaven is by accepting Jesus, there is no paradise if you kill yourself for your god, you don’t just stop existing after death, your soul stays alive and God said there is only one way to the only heaven there us and that is through Christ.


so the question is, do you love God and do you prove it by attending his church and being with his people?

Apparently there are many proving they don’t love God because church attendance continues to drop, are you apart of the departure?

Nov 8

War on God in America

The last time I wrote on my blog, I told you I was getting concerned about the growing attacks on Christianity, and every week, there is another report of someone or some group that wants to stop Christianity.

These people and groups are of course inspired by Satan to do his bidding, they are unaware that they are being used by him, but Satan knows his time is growing short before Christ returns, so he has to have his followers get busy.

Either you have accepted Christ as your Savior and are filled with his a Spirit or you have not accepted Christ and are filled with the spirit of Satan and will do as he tells you, there is no neutral ground.

But as a Christian, are you prepared to have your faith and your church attacked by Atheist , liberals and by religions?

Are you preparing yourself to stand your ground in the face of attacks and lawsuits when you disagree with all of the ungodly laws that are being passed that attack the name of God?

Homosexual marriage is an attack on the name of God and on our faith, we should be able to disagree with a lifestyle choice that goes against our beliefs in Gods Word and live peaceably in a free society.

If they want to engage in that choice of lifestyle, so be it, but don’t attack us and try to shut us up and our churches and businesses down.

But to be honest, this lifestyle is no more sinful than stealing a pen from a store, all sin in the eyes of God is going to bring his wrath and judgement someday soon.

but it’s this one issue that is being used by Satan to stop Gods work and his children from spreading the gospel and inviting all sinners to come to Jesus for forgiveness and a promise of going to heaven.

All sinners can go to heaven if they will accept Jesus Christ as the payment for their sin.

But until Jesus returns, we believers must prepare for a fight that gas never been waged on American shores, and that’s the war on God and his church.

Are you ready?  Will you be able to stand the assault on our faith?

Better get ready by getting into Gods Word for strength and direction, persecution is very difficult to withstand so we need Gods power to hold us up.

Oct 19

Is Christianity Going to Survive in America

I have been watching a very disturbing trend that has me a bit un-nerved, and that is the subtle attacks on Christianity here in America.

The things I’ve read about Nazi Germany, are eerily similar, some of the things that were laid as a foundation to build a case against Jews, are the same things being laid as a foundation today against Christians.

first get rid of the bible out of schools, then get rid of prayer, then begin to tell kids that they cannot have anything with God in any of their assignments, no mention of the name Jesus.

Make people who believe in God as though they are ignorant and less than desirable for society by saying the problems we as a Nation are experiencing are from people who believe in Jesus.

Mock those who don’t believe in evolution, global warming or other environmental crisis and make them appear as though they want the collapse of our world.

Make churches the center of where ideas of hatred against homosexuals originate  and belittle anyone who disagrees with the homosexual agenda


When you begin to put the pieces altogether, you begin to understand that Christians just like Jews once were put into a category of being subhuman and should be done away with.

I believe we’re coming to a day where Christians in America will be persecuted and if we don’t reject Christ and accept their false Gods, we will be put into reeducation camps or killed.

We can only hope that the church is raptured before that day comes, but I’m not so sure that we won’t experience persecution first.

Christians are being misrepresented before our country and we who are believers  better wake up to what’s really going on in our country. Our faith and our churches will come under scrutiny very soon and your commitment to Christ is going to be tested.

Check your heart, do you really love Jesus, do you really love the Word of God?  Your dedication may come into question very soon.

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