Apr 5

A New Direction

Last week in my message, I was talking about suffering

And today being easter, we are reminded once again about the suffering of Christ on that cross


But his suffering produced something great for every person ever born

A new direction in life, if we so choose

There are people who have had life altering experiences after they accepted Christ as Savior

They were once drug addicts, prostitutes, drunks


There’s one woman who was a porn star, who got saved

And the change in their lives has been dramatic


Because of the suffering of Christ, He Made it possible for the worst of sinners, to have a new direction in life

I’ve had people say to me,they don’t have much of a testimony

They got saved young, and never really did anything that bad

They feel as though they can’t give a testimony, that would cause people to want to get saved

Folks, being saved from sin, is the biggest transformation anyone could ever make


It doesn’t matter how big or little of a sinner you were

Turning from the darkness of sin, a direction of eternal separation from God

And turning to a new direction, Gives every person who has been born again, a testimony of the greatness of our Lord and Savior


I truly believe, there are more rewards for the person who got saved young
Lived a consistent, faithful life, and never got into much trouble

Than there is for those who lived and enjoyed their sin and got saved later in life

God has always highly honored faithfulness

And besides, it doesn’t matter how dramatic or not your testimony is

It’s not your testimony that brings people to salvation

It’s the convicting Holy Spirit, through the gospel that brings people to salvation

When they see their own sin and repent
Salvation gives every sinner a new direction in our lives

Jesus came down from heaven, walked horizontally on this earth

And when he came out of the grave, turned and went a new direction which was up!


Those who are saved went from walking straight down to hell, To changing direction to going up to heaven


But although God has changed our direction

We have to be careful, that we don’t forget the direction we’re going

When life is easy and we’re not suffering,
there is a danger of drifting into a state of mind where we become complacent, and think that somehow we’re owed blessings from God

We come to a place where we do not value our life in Christ as we should

As a Christian, what value do you put upon life?


All of us need to learn an important lesson

God permits his children to suffer in order to keep us away from sin

And for us to put a proper value on our life in Christ


But when life is going well, our relationship with Christ can grow cold

many Christians have a tendency to drift back into some old habits


I told you a while back, when I was younger I lied about everything

Last week the insurance adjuster looked at our bumper and some office dummy called me

And he said he didn’t know what I hit, but it wasn’t an animal,

that he don’t know what I thought I saw
But there was no evidence of an animal hit and it looked like a lot of previous damage

I know there was previous damage and we never said there wasn’t

Any adjuster would be able to see that, and I knew it and wasn’t hiding it

And I told him that I didn’t appreciate being called a liar, I know what we hit, we took a picture of it

And it was the raccoon that I felt was the last blow to that bumper

God has changed my direction, I don’t like being called something I’m not

And I don’t like being reminded of what I once was

That’s over, in the past and covered by the blood of Christ


But there are times, that’s exactly what We all need,

a reminder of what sin did to my life and what it did to yours


Ps. 66: 10 -12
I think there’s many Christians who need to be reminded of the suffering Christ on the cross

And they themselves need some suffering in their lives

And a reminder of what it did to their lives
Because far too many have had life too easy, they take Jesus for granted and they have slipped back into some old habits


Habits that they had before they got saved

Habits that were suppose to be gone because Christ gave them a new direction
I Pet. 4:7
When Jesus came out of that grave, the last days began

And the countdown began of the time we have left to be on this earth
And here he says the end of all things is at hand
Knowing that our days are numbered

How do we want to finish out our lives before we meet Jesus face to face?

Living a life of righteousness ?

Or living a life struggling with some sin?


In my 25 yrs of being a pastor,

I have heard every excuse possible of why someone is struggling with some sin

I’ve heard every excuse of why they aren’t in church

I have said many many times over the yrs, we do what we want to do

And if you don’t want to do something, we don’t do it

But everyone of us can be where we want to be

I knew some people once that had a hard time getting to church,

But they never missed taking their kids to a baseball game on Sunday

But God requires us to be honest and not make excuses

People have told me over the yrs that they love the Lord and me as their pastor

But it’s been a long distance relationship!
So Peter says, knowing the time is near
Live your life sober

Sober here means intelligent
A Christian ought to be intelligent, they ought know their bible, all that they are able to cram into their heads

I really don’t think God wants dumb children, that’s why he gave us an instruction book

But there’s a lot of dumb Christians out there because they don’t like instructions


Secondly, Christians need to be discerning


When this evil world lies to you about everything

We need to be able to recognize that we’re being lied to


And the lies are coming from every direction, government, science and religion
Knowing the Word of God keeps us from falling into believing their lies


And then he says watch unto prayer
Which means we are to be people of prayer


Prayer keeps our minds on God and off of sin

Prayer keeps us talking with God instead of talking with the Devil

And both of these things keeps us going in the right direction

Living a life that pleases our Savior
When Christ came out of that grave, he gave us the opportunity

To change the direction that we were going

Every person ever conceived, was conceived in sin and was directed to hell


But because of Christ, our sin can be forgiven, and we are then directed to heaven


When I first came here and got to know everyone

I assumed that everyone was saved

That’s a mistake that I’ve made on my part,

I can never assume just because your nice people, and talk the talk


That there has really been a transformation in your heart and a new direction has taken place


When people can leave a church, any church

And then go and live in sin, I have to realize that not everyone is saved


Many sit in church year after year and their just as dead in sin today as they were years ago


Just because someone sits in church with a smile and gets along with people because their good

Doesn’t make them a Christian

It’s when that person has truly understood that they are a sinner

And that they need Jesus to forgive their sin


When their heart has truly been transformed through the blood of Christ

Is when that person has began a new direction


Does everyone here really understand what sin is?
Do you really understand that only Christ can forgive your sin?
And have you really asked God to forgive your sin through his Son Jesus Christ?


If you have, then there should be proof of a changed life

You once ran with sinners, You looked like them, talked like them

You hung out with ungodly groups and did things that the crowd did

You drove anywhere and everywhere, but not to church on Sunday’s

But because of a new life in Christ,

He gave you a new direction
You turned away from sin you no longer looked or talked like them, habits in your life died


You no longer hung out with groups of sinners or involved with their clubs


And instead of driving to worldly things, You drive to church and meet with the Godly wanting to serve the Lord


Christ coming out of that grave, gave us a new direction
In what direction are you headed?














Mar 31

Israel knows the hatred of our president against them

These are comments that have been put out in Israels newspapers this is what they are thinking about our wonderful president 

A comment on the NRG news site: “Obama=Pharaoh. We survived Pharaoh. We’ll survive Obama.”

• A comment on the Facebook page of the right-leaning Ma’ariv newspaper: “Interesting that end of days prophesies will come true in the end thanks to Pharaoh Hussein Obama.”

• On Walla, a popular Israeli website, a commenter wrote: “Obama is the Pharaoh of modern times. May his name be obliterated forever.”

That commenter used the phrase “Ymach Shemo” — may his name be obliterated forever — a curse often placed after the names of historical figures who have been enemies of the Jews, such as Hitler.

Another comment posted on Walla reflected the frustration that mistreatment of Jews was being met with silence: “A satanic Obama=Pharaoh has risen. And the world as usual-silent.”

The comparison was likely inspired by the timing of the Passover holiday, which begins later this week and when Jews will gather to recount the Exodus narrative of Pharaoh, the Jewish slaves, the plagues and their escape from Egypt.

Here we are, Obama is continuing his attack on Israel, I’m reminded what scripture says, those who will bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed
Our self proclaimed King is as they say, a tyrannical Pharaoh who is leading our country to incur the wrath of God
we are already under his judgment because of the murder of innocent life in the womb, and because of our acceptance of homosexuality
but going after Israel will be our last nail in our coffin
America, get ready, the road is about to get rough, God will not give us a pass if Obama is allowed to hurt Israel 
Obama is buddying up with our enemies, who are his friends And going against our friends who are Obamas enemies 
Think about it, Obama has done more for the Anti-Christ than any evil dictator has ever done in the past 
if you’ve never accepted Christ as Savior, nows the time folks 
Mar 30

Gods following his plan pt 7

We are going to jump up to 1pet. 5 and come back to ch 4 next week for Easter


Throughout the OT, God was dealing with Israel,


And as we have read many times, Israel would do good for awhile and walk with God

At other times, the Godly people would die out and their children would turn away from God and serve themselves

 Every time that would happen, God would send them a warning

And he might have done that a few times, and if they listened things would turn around for their nation
But other times, he would warn them repeatedly, like at Jericho and Sodom and Gomorrah


But when they refuse to listen, he would send them his prophet and give them an ultimatum

 One last chance, to accept his prophet and his warning and turn from your sin, or perish


what took place last Monday morning, I have to wonder if God is giving America one last chance?

 A last chance to accept a man that he may have appointed

A last chance to turn from our wicked sin as a nation
Or else, we as a nation may be finished
What I’m going to tell you is what God laid on my heart and I’m not asking you to accept it or to believe me

I’ll never be one of these TV evangelist who say God showed me something

 And you had better believe it, send in your money so I can get on with what God showed me


 At liberty University, where I received my diploma in biblical studies

Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president


This is the first time that I know of, where someone announced his candidacy at a conservative Christian college
I listened to his speech and his testimony about how he had accepted Christ and became a born again believer

 He went down a list of what he believes, who he is and what he wants for this country

 And he believes the same things I do

 Perhaps this is Gods man that he has appointed
Perhaps God is giving us one last chance


And if America rejects him, then we could be finished

It’s supposedly illegal for a pastor to tell you who to vote for , And I would never do that
But something it did for me, was give me hope

 If Gods man could take the White House,

God would remove his hand that is against us right now

 And I believe God has been standing against us for some time


I thought of II Chron. 7:14


God healed Israel when they turned away from their sin and he can do the same thing for us

 God has been giving this country allot of warnings
It began with 911. Of what can take place without his protection
He has been warning us through the homosexual revolution
This is where your nation is going, if you don’t repent


He has been warning us through the abortion industry
A nation becomes a nation of murder and death if it doesn’t repent


A woman last week won’t face any murder charges after she had cut open a pregnant woman & removed her baby
Since the baby had not taken a breath,
it wasn’t considered alive and the woman can’t be charged with murder
We’re becoming a nation of death, in or out of the womb, murder is becoming acceptable I guess
He has been warning us through the Muslims that a nation can fall

 And he has been warning us through the decline of all morality

of how a nation can fall into the darkness of sin if it doesn’t repent

I believe we as Christians have an opportunity and duty

To get involved and try to turn our country back to the Lord

 This country is suffering because of what liberals have done to it

 And if they are allowed to continue the suffering is going to get worse and the fall of our nation will take place

And that’s what we’re going to look at for awhile this morning is suffering

 Suffering isn’t anything new, it’s been around since the fall of Adam


In I Pet. 5. Peter brings the suffering of Christ together with the second coming of Christ


Perhaps you’ve never thought about it,

but the Christian life begins with the suffering Savior on the cross


And Our life in Christ begins with suffering
and we will endure suffering throughout our lifetime

But God does something wonderful for us

He uses our suffering to sharpen us, it makes us smarter


Think about it, we get angry at times when we suffer,

 but doesn’t it teach us a great deal about things while we’re suffering?

 And God uses that to make us the kind of Christian he wants us to be
and the kind he can use

 We as Christians really do have the wrong perspective when it comes to testing and suffering

The first thing we do is throw up our hands and have a pity party
And I’m just as guilty as anyone else

If we had the right perspective when testing and suffering comes

The first thing we would ask is, what are you trying to teach me through this Lord?

 Because if we are in tune with the Lord, we will know that through this time of suffering or testing


We are going to learn more about something that we will use to help someone else

Peter begins by saying he is an elder
I Pet. 5:1

 An elder is a reference to an older man who has been a believer for many years


Peter was an Apostle, but using the reference here as Elder which is also translated into Greek as Bishop

 You can then translate bishop into Shepard

He Is speaking about his office of a Shepard, someone caring for his flock
Peter had a unique position because he was an eye witness to the suffering of Christ on the cross

 And he could use what he saw in order to minister to the early believers

 And he tells us who are pastors to feed the flock

Feeding means that I’m am suppose to concentrate on the Word of God

And teach you, so that you will be able to mature and teach others


But he then list how we are suppose to feed you

1st not by constraint

This means a pastor is not to force feed you

 Which is demanding that you believe what he saying with no questions asked


When the Presbyterian denomination got their needed votes to change their constitution on marriage
They sent a letter to every pastor and said that they will abide by their new change
No argument, no questions, just do as we say

 Thousands are now leaving and joining the Presbyterian conservatives

 This new group is staying with Gods definition of marriage 

You can’t force people to believe what you want them to
That’s the Holy Spirits job, to settle truth in your hearts

One of the things I really enjoy about Arnies class and our Sunday night bible study
Is that we discuss everything, and together we come to a conclusion of what Gods Word is saying


And then he says we don’t Shepard for filthy money
He didn’t say for money, he said for filthy money


Filthy money is taking it and doing something that does not honor the Lord

Or your being paid and you have the wrong motive
Or your taking money from people who tell you what to preach


Crello Dollar who is a black health wealth and prosperity preacher
Put an announcement out that asked people to donate at least a 100 bucks each
So that he could buy a 65 million dollar luxury jet so he could fly around the world and give the gospel


That is a perfect example of filthy money
His motive may have been right, to spread the gospel
but if he really burning with that desire he would have taken a canoe
The good news is, he took down the ad after a week,
because the assault on his greed was more than he could bear


Men are suppose to become pastors for the right reasons, with the right intentions

 And because God has truly laid it on your heart and not just because it’s something you want to do

The pastorate over the yrs, has become a place of business instead of ministry
It’s all about numbers now
How many do we have in church?

How much was the offering?
How many more can we get into a service with a new tactic?
How many new members,
how many baptized ?


The church was never suppose to set itself up as a place where we calculate everything


We are suppose to be concerned with souls and the hearts of people

Peter then tells us to have a ready mind

which means be ready with the word of God if there’s a hundred people or only one
Be a pastor because you love your job not because your getting paid or desiring the praise of man


He tells us who are pastors not to think we’re hot stuff, but to be an example


Ever meet a pastor who walks in and thinks everyone ought to almost bow when he enters?


The snobbery that some pastors have is embarrassing

We watched a show called house hunters

 And they had an assistant pastor and his wife from Our Savior Lutheran church in Saginaw looking for a house
The pastor was a dufis, who thought he was so cool and funny, with his Mohawk

 but he was actually very obnoxious


His wife who also was obnoxious couldn’t stand basements, and both of them picked everything apart


You would think with all that snobbery, they had a million bucks to spend on a house

 She played the piano and sang and you could tell she not only ran her husband but everything at church
And then they sat down with their beer and wine to make their decision of buying their 135,000 dollar home


The home had to meet their high standards with no sharing of sinks in the bathroom and her never doing laundry in a disgusting basement


 I looked at this couple and thought, church to them was a business

 They had no testimony, they were a poor example of a godly life, especially as a pastor


We started out in our first church in a 20 year old 3 bedroom mobile home

The walls had ice on the inside in the winter, black mold inside the walls


We had water coming through the ceiling fixtures in the spring


But all we wanted to do was serve the Lord and teach his Word
Nothing else much mattered


But even then, we didn’t suffer much for Jesus
And that’s the point that Peter is making here
Life on earth involves a lot of suffering


And those who are pastors are not to live above the people
But he is to suffer and sympathize with those who suffer

And he does it out of a willing heart and readiness to serve the Lord
A pastor serves the chief Shepard who he is answerable to

When he appears

 But it’s the Lord who will reward his pastors for their service with rewards which are eternal

I think there’s far too many pastors who have earned their earthly rewards and have lost those that are eternal

 the problem with today’s Christians, we have not suffered enough for Christ

 When suffering comes, we manage to find a way out, we fix it
We don’t allow Jesus to walk us through it


It’s his desire that we go through the fire at times so that we can ignite a fire in someone else

But that can’t happen if we get angry, or try to bail out on God


Suffering can do one of two things
Make us better, or make us bitter

I personally know some bitter Christians and you probably do too

 If they went through some suffering, instead of learning what God was teaching


They turned their backs on him


God may have had a wonderful ministry just waiting for them around the corner
God may have had someone who they could have ministered to
But they missed it


If Jesus would not have gone to the cross and suffered for us
Salvation would have never been achieved


 Why do Christians think it’s alright for Jesus to suffer for our salvation


But it’s not alright for me to suffer for Jesus?


We need a new perspective on suffering and testing of our faith


We need to see it through the eyes of Jesus


What is he trying to do through you and me?

When we suffer, Great things can happen in our lives


Matt 21: 5-11


Great things happen in our lives because our God was willing to ride into Jerusalem


and begin a journey of suffering

His suffering led to his death, but he came out victorious over the grave


Our suffering should lead us to the death of ourselves


And we should come out of it victorious and more prepared to serve the Lord with a heart of love



Mar 24

God is following his plan Pt7

When God created humans, he created something very powerful with-in us
And that is our minds


Our minds is what makes us who we are, it’s the center of life

our minds can take in beliefs that are true and also what is not true


All of us probably have some beliefs, that we believe is true

But the reality is, it’s false


That’s why the Lord told us to examine these things to see if they be from God
But our minds are so powerful that people truly believe something that is so false but to them it’s the truth


To a serial killer, to take someone’s life, in their minds, they were doing what was right


A homosexual, in their minds, they are born that way, and it’s normal

Everyone has beliefs, that in our minds is the truth
But the reality is, our minds have taken in a false belief and presents it to us as truth

many of our beliefs are rooted in scripture
And we come to the belief that it is from God
In our study of I Peter we come to a few verses
that has Become a popular and an accepted belief, In bible teaching churches like ours


I am guilty of believing and teaching on these verses also
and didn’t realize how I believed and taught was wrong

Now as we get into what I’m going to talk about, you may say, well this really isn’t that big of a deal

But It is a big deal, and it doesn’t matter how big or little a subject might be


It’s a matter of making sure everything we teach is accurate
God told us in Timothy to handle the Word correctly


So this morning, we’re going to correct that teaching so that we are in harmony with scripture

We are coming up to Easter and I know that this teaching will once again be preached
And so now is the perfect time to tackle this subject

For as long as I can remember, I was taught and believed that when Christ died on the cross


That his body went into the grave
That his spirit went to hades where sinners were from the OT times, And he preached to them
and then released the OT saints from paradise and took them to heaven

How many of you have been taught to believe this?

There’s some major problems with this belief and teaching



First of all, if Jesus would have preached to the unsaved who were imprisoned in hades


What would be the purpose?

We know that preaching has one main purpose,
and that is to present the gospel to the lost
for Jesus to preach to those in hades would go against numerous teaching throughout the NT
that says today is the day for a decision OT as well as NT

Luke 16 says there’s no second chances


If you die without Christ, there is no way you can go from hell to heaven

Let’s look at the verses that I’m talking about


I Pet. 3: 18


This of course is speaking about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ
And what we have done is put this verse with vs19


And with just those two verses, you are left with the belief that while Christ was in the grave
He went to prisoners in hades and preached to them

However, we need to think through this


First of all, if you are in hades, you are not a prisoner waiting for your sentence to be up
Or somehow your given parole,
scripture is clear that once you are in hades, it is forever
All the unsaved go to hades and await judgement and then are cast into hell
what we have to do is, keep these verses in context
This is called hermeneutical consistency


Hermeneutics is the study of scripture which keeps each verse and chapter in harmony with each other and with truth


And in order to keep the truth of scripture, you have to put the verses together in context


In order to keep scripture in context


we have to look at the entire subject matter and the time frame that it’s talking about

If you look at vs 19 & 20. This is actually a continuing sentence


What’s the time frame or period in history that Peters talking about?


In the days of Noah


He’s not talking about the time frame of Christ on the cross
But he is using it as a reference

The preaching of the need of a Savior has been around since Adam

Before Christ they preached about the coming Savior and the need to repent of their sins

After Christ, we preach the Savior who came and the need for repentance and acceptance of our Savior

So let’s put this in context of what Peter is telling us


The spirits in prison were the people who were unrepentant of their sins


that Noah preached to before the flood took place

Unrepentant Sin imprisons a person and condemns them to hell


For 120 years, Noah preached The coming Christ


God was long suffering, giving plenty of years for those people to come to him


And the only people who repented was the 8 members of Noah’s family

Everyone who was alive on earth was living within Noah’s reach


People had not spread over the entire world yet because there weren’t billions of people yet

The reality is, the people were so sinful, that no one would listen to Noah’s preaching


Matt 24:37
The world is going to return to a time just like it was in Noah’s time


And we are quickly headed that way right now


In Noahs time they hated God, they had no need of him



Look at Zeeland baptist church, we are entering a time
where the ungodly are picketing a church on Sunday morning for their beliefs!

If you read any of the articles on that homosexual assault on Zeeland baptist church
Take time to read the comments by people
The absolute hatred, for God and for those who hold to biblical teachings on marriage


Even the comments by pastors and Christians will make you cringe at what they believe

The Presbyterian denomination is the first one to vote and change the definition of marriage last week

How can these people call themselves Christians and totally deny scriptural truth?

Because in their minds, they truly believe what is false is true
We are quickly coming to that time that Noah dealt with in his time
When the last person who is going to listen to the gospel message gets saved


Is when the Lord will return, he knows that the rest of the human race will not listen

Just as it was in Noah’s time, he removed Noah and those who were saved and judgment came


And today he will remove those who are saved and judgment will be poured out



So what did happen after Christ was buried for those 3 days?


We have to take this on theologically
When Christ came to this earth through Mary, he was wrapped in human flesh


Before Mary, he did not have a body as we know it

As he walked on this earth, he was fully human, with flesh and bone


But when he went into the grave, his humanity died



You’ll remember when he arose, Mary Magdalene grabbed ahold of him in John 20:17


And he told her to let him go, because he had not ascended to the Father

He was in a body that looked like ours, but it was glorified
It was no longer human


he now has a heavenly body as we will also have when we go to heaven

So what was he doing while he was in the grave?

Folks, he was in the grave


His blood was poured out on the cross

He was buried for 3 days which paid the penalty of sin

Why do you think all of hell was rejoicing, Jesus was gone and buried


Satan thought he had won,

just think what hell was like when Jesus stood up and walked out of that grave?
The rejoicing was over

They knew they were doomed, they knew hell awaited them and there was no way out

One thing we as Christians continually do, is make everything more sensational than it is
When it comes to Christ and the bible, the simple truth is already sensational


We don’t have to try to improve the story by adding things to make it more exciting

What Christ did on that cross, and being buried for 3 days as payment for our sins
And then walking out of that grave
You can’t improve on that story


That’s like someone taking Tom Sawyer and saying I’ll rewrite it and improve it
No you can’t, whenever someone takes an old classic and tries to make a movie out of it


What happens? They ruin it

We can’t improve on biblical stories
We can’t make them more sensational than what they already are

But what we can do is, accept the facts of what that story is telling us


We can keep scripture in context so that the truth of Gods word prevails


Think about if you had been Noah


God tells you to build a vessel so huge that it will float on water


Because it’s going to rain and flood the earth and you’ll have to float on the water

And you think, wait a minute, there’s no body of water around to even float it in


And then you think, wait a minute, what’s rain?



Genesis tells us, that the earth at that time was covered by a mist that watered the earth

And now I’ve got to built something that will float on water
that will be so high because of something called rain?

And then God tells you to preach to everyone alive about repenting of their sin


Otherwise they will all be killed due to drowning


And again you think everyone is going to die, and what is drowning?

But you begin to do as God says because your faithful and obedient


Your laughed at, mocked, called everything in the book
Not only for your preaching, but for building that stupid boat

For 120 yrs Day in and day out you faithfully do as God says

Every day for 120 yrs you are ridiculed relentlessly

How many times throughout the yrs, you being Noah said in your heart this is worthless


25 yrs, nothing, 50 yrs, nothing, 75 yrs pass and still nothing

Children are being born, buildings are being built, sin is so rampant that it’s unbearable
And there you are, building a giant spectacle and you have become the laughing stock of the world

How many times did you question God?


But the Spirit of God uses your voice to continue giving out the message

The spirit of God convicts every person of their sin and the coming judgment


And it means nothing to them

The only people who accept what your preaching is your own family

But how do you feel knowing that everyone else in the entire world was going to die


As in the days of Noah, it will be the same way today



How do we feel today, when there’s so much preaching and teaching of Gods Word


When there’s churches everywhere, bibles everywhere


And very few are listening? Not even people in churches seem to listen

How does it make us feel, knowing that so many, even our family members

Even those who call themselves Christians
like the Presbyterian church who have rejected Christ


Are going to die without Christ and they couldn’t care less?


Because in their minds, they believe their right!

It’s strange isn’t it, that we care more about their future than they do about their own?

Noah preached about a Savior that was going to go to a cross, die for our sins


Be buried for 3 days that would pay for mankinds sin


Come out of that grave on that 3rd day victorious paving the way for us to go to heaven


And the entire world looked at Noah and said your nuts



But wait there’s more, it’s not bad enough what Noah is building

But what do we think about these people who have 50 or 100 cats?


Their insane, their hoarding cats

Noah became the first known animal hoarder

The people saw Noah collecting animals two by two and the people must have said


It’s finally happened, he’s snapped completely, he’s insane



Brothers and sisters, I’m telling you right now


That’s what the world thinks when they see Christians

They are right, We are wrong


They have the truth, We believe what is false
They are sane, and we are the insane



Mar 21

God is following his plan pt.6

I Peter 3:12.

For the eyes are over the righteous and his ears are open unto their prayers but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil
This is a quote from Ps 34: 15-16

I’ve been talking about how Gods following his plan, and part of his plan was to send his Son Jesus to pay the penalty of sin

He died on that cross so that you and I can be forgiven and have the promise of heaven


This verse is a strong statement about his plan of who would be allowed into heaven
And it flies in the face of those who claim that it is Gods duty

To allow everyone to come into heaven

It also flies into the face of the Muslims who claim that murdering Christians and Jews gets them into heaven

There is a Christian holocaust going on right now, Christians are being slaughtered by the thousands, women and children being raped and sold into slavery


Men are being beaten, beheaded, shot and burned to death

And barely a whimper is being heard from most leaders except Netanyahu

American leaders keep snubbing him and hurting our alliance with Israel

President BO has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t like Israel or its leadership

They have even sent a team of people to Israel to try to cause Netanyahu lose his election

With their help, they established a 4 man socialist party that will try to take Netanyahu’s power away

Pres. BO hates capitalism and is working non stop trying to bring down the two greatest nations of capitalism
We all know who BO is and what his goal is of instituting a socialist government

And there’s no sense in not saying it the way it is

He has also made it abundantly clear that he does not think there’s Islamist terrorist

And he has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t believe that there’s a Christian holocaust going on

His lack of care and refusal to get involved is evidence of where his heart is

And it is not for Jesus

He doesn’t have a voice or any power in the Middle East

This is the first American president that doesn’t scare anyone accept his own citizens


Without question God is a loving God, and he knew the direction the worlds leaders would go

That’s why he has a plan, that’s why he sent his Son

That’s why he sends his Spirit around the world to convict sinners that they need Jesus

But his plan also tells us about his character


First it says he sees over the righteous,

the righteous are those who have accepted his Son
He knows when things are going good for me and when things are going bad

He sees the things I do, the places I go or don’t go

He sees the times when I’m giving and when I’m selfish

He sees how I treat people

He sees my everyday activities and it says here he watches over me

We’re his sheep and he’s the Shepard

It says he hears my prayers

That means no matter what I say to him, he hears me
When I’m shouting for joy or screaming in pain, he hears me

If I have a need, he hears me,

if I have a praise he hears me

He sees and hears me because I’m his child


But look at the end of this verse

His face is against them that do evil

This idea that God hears everyone’s prayers isn’t true

His face is against sinners, those who do evil

Some would say now wait a minute preacher,
just because I don’t believe in Jesus Christ doesn’t make me evil, I’m a good person


We as Christians have got to stop soft soaping and playing down the truth of Gods Word


Many preachers are trying to make our faith sellable and more tasteful to sinners
Bible says come out from among them, and be ye different

According to Gods Word, if you have not accepted Christ as your Savior

Then your apart of Satans family which is evil

The unsaved are evil by their association of the family their in

And since their in Satans family, they can pray their heads off and all they’ve accomplished is losing their heads

The only prayer that God will hear is the prayer of repentance and the acceptance of his son

And the only way to heaven is through his Son

Look at the difference between how one gets to heaven through God the father

And how one gets to heaven through Allah, the Muslim God
First of all these poor dumb and blind Christian people, who keep trying to mix Christianity with Islam had better wake up


We serve two different Gods

Allah is the god of death and hell,

if you want to get great rewards from Allah

you must kill, and destroy anyone who doesn’t accept Allah

But Jesus said that one comes to him by simple faith and repentance of your sins

You don’t have to kill anyone to please Jesus,
Jesus loves life and wants us to live our lives with joy serving him

According to the bible there is grace for those who struggle with living for God

There’s grace for those who don’t go to church all the time or who are not sold out completely


But according to the Koran there is no room for joy or grace, There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim

And for those who try to practice that type of Muslim faith

are also being slaughtered like the Sunnis
The Koran calls for the death of anyone who doesn’t practice Sharia law or jihadi or participate in a caliphate

The Muslim faith and the Christian faith are polar opposites and will never be in union together

Many people don’t know that during the height of German Nazism
They had made an alliance with the Muslims and nazism became apart of the Muslim faith

And what is going on with this worldwide caliphate (which is world domination)
is an exact replica of nazism but this time instead of Jews being slaughtered

a Christian holocaust is taking place, but Israels next
The exact same thing happened with Hitler and the Jews


The world knew about it, but ignored it, and by the time they decided to do something about it
They almost lost to the whole world to becoming Nazis


The whole world should be outraged and fighting against this, But instead our president and most of the other world leaders are choosing to ignore it, this time, if they decide to wake up, may be too late


Perhaps this is the one world religion that the bible speaks about that will engulf the entire world , And it will usher in the rapture of the Church and Gods tribulation


Think about how easily this nation could fall to Islam

our borders remain open and thousands have come over and no one knows exactly where they’re from


Pres. bO wants to bring in an additional 230,000 Syrian Refugees without doing a background on each one


Bush brought in thousands of Muslim Somali refugees 10 yrs ago who never got jobs and are living on government assistance

The FBI has been watching Islamist training camps in the US, and thousands of mosques are popping up everywhere across America


Someday soon we may have a war going on in our own country against Islam
Or we might just slowly be taken over as some cities like NYC would like to begin recognizing Muslim holidays, instead of celebrating our traditional holidays


we have a president who desires that America is no longer safe by being a super power

it’s very apparent to me, that this guy couldn’t care less about the American people
We could talk the rest of this week about the evil that is going on across the world and in our country

And Peter tells us that the face of God is against those who are evil

In Gods plan, he stands with those who are righteous and against those who are not


Knowing this evil that surrounds us,
what is the Christians attitude suppose to be ? as we become targets for persecution and even possible death in the future?

I pet. 3:13
And who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good?


Does that mean that God gives us armor so that nobody can harm us?

That isn’t working for Christians in the Middle East


But and if you suffer for righteousness sake, happy are ye, and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled


What God is saying here is we will not escape suffering
Christianity is not a picnic in this evil world
But when we stand with God, even when we are persecuted or even killed
They really haven’t done anything to us,
because on this earth or off this earth we will forever be with God


Vs15. But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts
= make God a sanctuary in your heart
Have God as a priority in your heart, to go to in worship and praise

What’s our attitude suppose to be? Keep serving and worshipping God


Vs15 again
And be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of hope that is In you with meekness and fear
I was talking with our oldest son Brandon and he said as a cop he has to be everything to everyone
He has to even be a marriage counselor to his men on his team

But talking about how a Christian marriage works with the Lord in it, isn’t easy

it’s hard to talk to people about the Lord when we live in a world that has become so hostile to Jesus

But the Lord says for us to be ready to give an answer to all men

But he tells us how we’re suppose to do it

First of all with meekness
We have a pastor friend, who I was told was attending a funeral and the pastor asked him if he wanted to say a few words

he got up and walked up and down the aisle, with his bible under his arm

pointing his finger at everyone and telling them if they don’t repent they’re all going to hell

He then had them all bow their heads and had an alter call
And remember this is at a funeral,
the pastor who was doing the funeral said he felt like getting into the coffin

It was embarrassing

To present the gospel, we’re not to do it with harshness or intimidation

With fear means we need to remind ourselves that we are representing the all powerful, King of kings
Who has the power over hell and judgement

And we don’t stand there like we’re so important, we stand in fear in the presence of the one we represent

My mom told us that since they got their new pastor

That’s it’s strange not being yelled at anymore


I can’t think of one time that I’ve stood up here and yelled at you

You may think it sounds like it, because if I’m telling the truth and its hitting too close to home, It may sound like I’m yelling


But a pastors face shouldn’t be against his congregation
Just like Gods face is against evil, a pastor should be also


Every believers face should be against evil

There’s a lot of pastors and believers who are going to have to answer to God someday

For not standing against evil
Where do we stand today?
Does our way of thinking glorify God?

Does our beliefs align with Gods word?
Peter says, have God as your priority, and the face of God will be with you






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