Apr 14

The Worlds New Religion

Fastest growing religion is: Environmentalism

The definition of religion is: a set of beliefs and practice that someone embraces as truth who holds a deity as a god
Environmentalism is the belief that the earth who is their god, is fragile due to evolution
And man is a polluter and destroyer of the fragile ego system which includes plants & animals

We’ve all heard about the ungodly new Noah movie
In it there’s an over riding theme that God ( being an environmentalist )

He wanted to save the earth and animals and kill all the humans, They completely miss the message of God in Genesis,

it was to save man from destroying himself

Mankind was so out of control, so blind by sin, if God had not stepped in, man would not exist today
Evolutionist wants us to believe that God, is nature and that he/she prefers vegetation and animals over mankind

And what I’m telling you is: Noah was the first general manager of a food warehouse

What he had on board was dinner for you & me! So that mankind could survive

Mankind is once again out of control with sin and we are destroying ourselves


The ark was built from wood, and that ark carried man over troubled waters to safety

The cross was also built from wood, & the ark of the cross carried mankind over troubled waters to safety

That’s why mankind rejects Noahs ark as a fairy tale and they reject Jesus on a cross as a fairy tale

They Both represent salvation of souls which they reject

Environmentalist want to save the wood and throw away the person of Christ
Trees are their gods, animals are their gods and if you do anything to harm it, they will attack you with a vengeance
Steep fines and jail time is being imposed on anyone that they deem has hurt the earth or an animal

I can tell you dozens of stories about land owners who moved dirt to build
And we could go on and on about their war against coal, nuclear energy and everything else

If you shoot an animal, you better not say a word, take a picture
and you had better not put it on the internet

You can now spend more time in prison for abusing an animal than you can for the murder or rape of a human


Another brain dead environmentalist said just a couple of weeks ago that every person in the world

Must become a vegetarian and we must kill every cow because of the gas they emit and it must be done before 2015 if we are going to save the planet

For some reason you can’t kill an animal, you will go to jail but a gas passing cow you can

Fact is, there’s a war on cows and anything that hurts their earth which is their god and religion


We need to understand that the world is beginning to worship and hold in high esteem

The very thing that sustains human life, FOOD

But those things are becoming – objects of worship,

it’s their religion it’s their god & it’s going on worldwide
So -the reality is at least in their minds, if you eat or destroy the things they worship, your killing their god

The religion that has captured the minds of the entire world, is the religion of environmentalism
Ro. 1:25 tells us that there will come a day when they will worship the creation more than the creator

We’re there


I am becoming to believe environmentalism is more dangerous than any other religion in the world

Because it sets well with people, even Christians, who think, we shouldn’t be destroying our planet

And because God told us to care for the earth


But caring for the earth does not come at the expense of mans destruction
Today the world is chasing after religions

& their religion does not include Jesus Christ because Jesus is not a religion

Jesus never came to establish a religion, he came to establish a relationship between him and us

But to the unsaved, they are not interested in a relationship, the very name of Jesus stinks to them
2 Cor. 2: 15-16
For we are unto God a sweet savor of Christ, in them that are saved and in them that perish,

to the one we are the savor of death unto death, and to the other The savor of life unto life. And Who is sufficient for these things


According to the apostle Paul, we do stink.

When Paul describes the gospel he paints a somewhat smelly reality of how our lives have an effect on others

In a sense, people have an awareness of God in us that could be likened to an odor or smell.

Have you ever noticed there are certain people that no matter how hard you try to get along with them
You can’t?
They smell or sense God in you, & it makes them sick

Paul warns us to expect two extreme reactions to this. For some, our scent is fragrant and pleasant—the aroma of life.

For others our lives smell offensive it’s the stench of death.

Paul’s point is that we can’t have it both ways. If we are going to be used by God as witnesses to the gospel, then to some people we are going to stink just like our Master.

Jesus Christ is the aroma of death to those who are perishing.


Believers are attacked by the media, they try to make Christians look as though their stupid, homophobic, racial & bigoted

Democrats believe they are morally superior to Christians & yet – left does everything that the bible describes as immoral

the right or Republicans use Christians to support their pet causes. They will use Jesus if it means getting their way


But the truth is, Jesus is hated by the world, anyone who does not have Christ
Be it republican or democrat, if they are of the world, they hate Christ

Why the widespread hatred?
You will never attend a movie and hear “Buddha” or “Muhammad” used as a curse word.

Artists won’t depict Gandhi or Krishna in some of the crude and offensive ways

Or as a homosexual as our Lord has been portrayed.


This hatred for Jesus Christ has become predictable and is disturbingly irrational.

More importantly, it is unavoidable.

Christ is a stench to those who are perishing, and His followers are that stench too.

Why do we try so hard to avoid this reality?
Because we dislike rejection.

While unbelievers are actually rejecting Jesus, their rejection feels personal to us.

We must remind ourselves rejection is unavoidable.

Jesus told us to stand boldly for his name sake


The apostles had fear of rejection because of their stench? But they didn’t try to cover up their odor by softening up the gospel and make the lost feel comfortable.

Should we expect to be treated better than the Apostles of God just because it’s 2014?

Should we expect to be embraced when our Master was rejected?

Jesus warned, “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you” (John 15:18).

When Jesus rode into town that day, they first shouted save us!

But it wasn’t long when their love turned to rejection. And then their rejection turned to hatred and called for his death


Jesus was willing to go to that cross & become the aroma of death so that you & I could have the aroma of life

But Unless we are willing to be the aroma of death to those who are perishing, we will never be the aroma of life to those who need to be saved.

Jesus was willing to take on the stench of death, so that the unsaved could have life

Mar 29


When I was 17, I joined the Army, 2 months later, I married my 17 year old girlfriend and we went to Texas.

we were young and in love and had each other and needed no one else.

after the Army, we ended up moving all across the south to various jobs, but eventually came back to Michigan after some years.

but we ended up going into the pastorate and then moved to various churches in Michigan

but through those years of moving around, we lost contact with our family. I have 2 sisters and 2 younger brothers.

its difficult staying in touch when life has taken you in a different path.

I’ve always felt a bit guilty about that, especially when it came to my 2 brothers, the one got into a lot of trouble, he lived a lifestyle that I didn’t agree with at all.

He made his choices, but I was never there and perhaps could have influenced him to live for Christ, but I’ll never know.

my other brother, is in a wheelchair, and has had many difficulties, but again I wasn’t around to help him at all, and I feel guilt over that.

hes a good looking guy, and I think if he would go to a church, he would meet the woman that God has for him.

although he is, I believe one of the strongest individuals you’ll ever meet, I don’t know if I would have the courage to meet the challenges that he’s had to face, but he did without a whimper.

i believe he’s saved, but again I wasn’t around to perhaps be an influence but I’m thankful that when he gets to heaven, he won’t need a wheelchair, but he’ll be completely whole.

Family is important, but because of our lifestyles, it can become something that takes a back seat.

I work all week at one job and then pastor my church on weekends, so I’m a very busy guy. So church has become my family.

As I get older, I’m starting to realize that my church family has to also include my earthly family, so I’m going to try to make an effort to keep in touch more.

I believe it’s something that honors Christ, you should try it too.

Mar 28

Sue Gore

I think we the American citizens,  (legals). Should sue Al Gore and recoup some of the money he made off us from his greatest deception of all time, global warming.

We’ve been robbed as I sit here in 20 degree weather since December, and still snowing in March, I think he’s a liar

actually I know he is,  do you realize that all of this global warming was built on a computer model? No physical proof?

most Americans don’t know that, they think it came from some scientist and years of study.

But if most Americans actually used their heads and burned  a brain cell and thought for themselves, it would be an amazing thing.

it just gets me, the money that these people have stolen from Americans through deception.

But then I realize what the bible says, that people will follow a false leader because they like their ears tickled, in other words, what their selling makes them feel good, and even important.

They think if they drive an electric car and hug a tree their saving the world, so the Gores

of our world continue to sell their snake oil, just like Obama and his health care deception

soon all of this lying and deception will end, when Jesus returns and puts everything in order

And the time is coming closer every day




Jan 22

Polar bears swimming in Florida

I don’t know about you, but is sure am glad Al Gores global warming has come true, this morning I woke up to a heat wave of 17 degrees!  But thankfully it was only 2 when I went to bed, that’s a whole 15 degree rise!!!

since all the polar caps melted, I’m thinking of trading in my truck for a boat to make deliveries, seems to make sense, the only problem I’m having is finding where the edge of the water starts so I can put my boat in, I’ve driven several states and still can’t find the shore.

I’m starting to think ol Al, didn’t know what he was talking about as he walked to the bank with so much of our money, but I’m sure he’s feeling bad about spending all that money.

Hey, you don’t think,  no, not Al, he wouldn’t have dreamed this up to get money do you?

no couldn’t be, I wonder if he would help me buy a new snowblower, mines not big enough to handle tons of snow that just keeps falling in my yard,

do you think if the majority of people who believe what our government tells them, actually burned a brain cell and thought for themselves, that their heads would collapse from losing their one cell?

The Bible says that all liars will have their place in hell, don’t look for too many politicians in heaven folks, at least not today’s but I’m sure we’ll meet our forefathers who would be ashamed of what our government has become.

a den of liars and thieves


Dec 25

We’re all Sinners

We’ll here we on Christmas morning and all of our kids and grand kids are here, this hadn’t happened in years.

today is the day we celebrate our Saviors birth, Jesus Gods son who was born to die for the salvation of Sinners.

Sin has been a big topic in the news lately because of the Duck Dynasty  Commander Phil Robertson.

I’ve read a lot of different opinions on this from different sources, and one of them said that most Christians do not agree with Phil, I hate to break the news but what Phil said is exactly what the bible says that God wrote.

The reason why homosexuals got mad is because someone told the truth about their lifestyle and what’s ahead for them not being able to enter heaven until it’s repented of and they leave that lifestyle.

all of us are sinners and need forgiveness, sin came upon all mankind when Adam chose to obey Satan instead of God and therefore we all have to repent and accept Christ.

homosexuality is no more or no less than any other sin, sin is sin regardless of its size and all sin will keep us separated from God

Phil Robertson spoke the truth and every born again believer needs to speak up and stand up for The Lord.

There’s much more I could say on this but it’s Christmas, and everyone is getting out of bed

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