Feb 7

God is following his plan pt 2

We talked 2 weeks ago about God having a plan that he is following, And everything from the beginning of creation, to everything in the center

To everything at the very end, is covered in his plan
And something that he planned from the very beginning that today’s man is trying to destroy Is marriage
Now I believe (although it’s not listed in our doctrines)

It is a doctrine, because it’s a belief that we adhere to, that is sanctioned by God
and it is to be accepted by his followers
We’re going to I Peter 3

But I’m going to cover these verses in a way that perhaps you’ve never heard before
Because, most of these verses have been taught wrong by most pastors
3:1. Likewise
What does he mean by likewise?
In Ch. 1-2. Peter covers what our relationship with Christ ought to be

And how we are to conduct ourselves in this world which I spoke about a few weeks ago
Likewise, our relationship with Christ

Is the same type of relationship that is to be translated into our marriages and in our homes


First of all, these verses are speaking about the husband and wife relationship

And he begins it by saying wives are to be in subjection to their husbands

I often say I treat my wife like a queen, and she can bow at my throne any day,
she never has, but the offers there


When God created this world, and put his plan together

He did it in order, and everything there is in heaven and in earth has order

Every species reproduces in order, you can’t have a cow reproduce with a chicken

Otherwise people would get killed from falling cow pies as they flew over

The earth, moon, sun all rotate in order
And he did it this way so that there wouldn’t ever be any chaos
And For the sake of order in any situation, there must be headship
God is the supreme head over all things


Jesus is the head over man
And God has given man the headship over the earth which includes his wife and children
When the wife is told to submit, however, it is not like the obedience of a child


Many men marry with the attitude that their wives have to do everything they say

That’s a bowl full of baloney


Submission is voluntary and it has limits
A better translation of this word would be to respond
If your husband loves you, you as the wife should respond to him



In Ephesians 5 says that a man ought to love the Lord and and be willing to die for his wife


However Ephesians is speaking to 2 spirit filled believers who are married

I Peter 3:1 is speaking to a a saved person married to an unsaved person


Notice it says if any obey not the Word


Peter is specifically speaking to the unsaved here


You can’t apply Ephesians to I Peter, as so many pastors try to do
These are 2 different subjects about marriage
Regardless if someone is married to someone who is saved or not
They are to respond to them
But let’s keep this in right order,

according to Ephesians a saved person is never to marry an unsaved person

It goes against Gods commandments and to do so is sin


Marriage is made on 3 different planes

First one is physical, no one gets married because they need someone to go shopping with

You get married because you desire physical contact
I didn’t look at Sal and go Hubba Hubba, let’s go to target!


The physical relationship is a wonderful thing, to wrap your arms around someone to love


Between two married believers, physical intimacy is the most precious and beautiful things in the world


And believers are the only ones who can really enjoy a physical relationship to the fullest

There are no restrictions or barriers between a married Christian couple,
you can be as wild as you want and no guilt whatsoever


The unmarried are filled with guilt because they are living a sinful lifestyle before God


Their relationship dishonors God and they can never fully give themselves to each other
We have to remember that the unsaved live under the weight of their sin
Secondly it’s mental, A married couple enjoys many of the same things,

Church, hobbies, movies, food  Or least you should have some things in common
You have to enjoy things together, it brings mental stability
otherwise you will find yourselves drifting apart and having problems


You don’t have to do everything together


But if you take a vacation by yourself and the other takes one by themselves


You may be in danger of destroying your marriage
When a couple enjoys doing things and spending time together


It builds a bond and security where that couple can truly rest in their relationship
The 3rd plane is the spiritual which can only take place between believers


There’s women who have gotten married to an unsaved man with the belief that they’ll change later
There have been countless divorces from these kinds of relationships


If a woman preaching couldn’t get a man into church or saved before they were married
What makes them think it’ll change with a ring?

If a woman is in a marriage with an unsaved man, Peter tells us how a woman is to conduct herself
Look at vs 1 again
May he be won without a word
In other words, stop preaching


They should live their life for the Lord and let her relationship with Christ do the speaking

But there’s a problem here,


I’ve known women who wanted their husbands to get saved but if you were to watch how she lived
He will never be won,


she preached a lot, but never lived it herself
A Christian woman’s only chance to win her unsaved husband, is if she is living for Christ


And if he still rejects it


His wife will be able to stand before God in perfect peace because she did as God had asked
A question came up once that if the unsaved husband wanted to go to a bar


The wife has to be submissive and go
No once again, submission is voluntary, And she doesn’t do anything that goes against Gods Word
Again this verse has been taught wrong by many in an attempt to get women to do what the men want


They say a woman can’t cut her hair or wear jewelry or makeup or nice modern clothes
Again keep this in context of what Peter is saying


He is speaking to those who have married an unsaved person


And here he is speaking to the woman

And what he is saying is,

if she has tried conversing with her husband and it’s gone nowhere
Then don’t try sex appeal in order to try to win him to Christ

We all know how good women are at getting a man to do what they want
Us men are not as dumb as you think, we know when we’re being manipulated
We just don’t mind being manipulated most of the time
We know when you pout, put on something sexy, bat your eyelids


Your just trying to get something you want


But Peter is saying to win your man to Christ, don’t use worldly tactics in trying to do so

No where does it say here that woman can’t look good


I say if the barn needs painting, paint it with some makeup


Some women look like they ought to be buried their so pale

Some women don’t have much to work with so you might need a construction crew


There’s nothing wrong with being up to date and looking good


Remember God said women are to be modest, not old fashioned
But look at vs4
Peter is saying it’s not the outward that encourages a man to get saved,
it’s what’s inside of her heart
A meek and quiet spirit, What does that mean?
You want me to say it in plain English, or mow around the field?


It means don’t be a loud, pushy, bossy, or a in your face kind of woman


That type of woman will never win anyone much less her unsaved husband to the Lord


Peter is showing us, that when a woman allows God to rule over her heart


And that godliness of a woman living her life for Christ comes out as a gentle, quiet and kind woman


Is the one, who will impact the life of her husband
You’ll remember Rachel of the OT who Jacob fell in love with

Jacob had a pretty dark life with problem after problem
Rachel was a beautiful woman, but it was her inner beauty that was a bright spot for Jacob


Abraham was married to Sarah, who also outwardly was a beautiful woman
Even kings wanted her as their wife
But Sarah called Abraham Lord
How many of you look at your husbands and say Lord?
Or do you just say, oh Lordy
She called him that because she looked up to him with great love and respect


How many of us husbands have earned that from our wives?
I never really thought about what kind of man Abraham was, Or how he treated Sarah that caused her to love him so deeply
I think what Peter is showing us, how wonderful and deeply fulfilling a marriage can be
When it begins with honoring God
And that couple gives themselves to God and then to each other completely from the beginning of their marriage


Marriage is apart of his plan that he ordained before the world was ever created

This also shows us why it has come under fire, and rejected


Gods plan is under attack
marriage is at the basis of human society


And if you destroy marriage you can actually destroy an entire nation


And sadly that’s the direction our country had decided to go


When a nation decides that it no longer needs God of the Bible or his plan for marriage

God has no choice but to allow that nations sin to bring his punishment
I am one who believes that this country is in for a huge spanking


And I believe he will allow what this nation has sown to reap the consequences of its sin


We need to understand, the worst correction that a nation can ever receive isn’t from God slapping us
It’s him doing nothing, but allowing our choices to bring us to our knees


It’s us destroying ourselves and God not lifting one finger to intervene


Well go farther with Peter and marriage next time

Jan 27

God is Following his plan


I told you a couple of weeks ago that I’m interested in getting back to more doctrine and theology based messages



There is so many things going on in our world that it can sometimes take over our lives




We have to keep informed but we need to keep these things in perspective in light of Gods Word






Such as: there’s a Federal bill that is circulating that all non profit and churches




will have to abide by all the new Obama healthcare regulations

regardless if it goes against our beliefs
Same is true about the homosexual marriage laws that are being looked at in Michigan and other states




These will impact our churches in the future, we have to keep informed



But we cannot let things that are taking place in our world consume us

And take us away from studying Gods Word






We are going to take some time and look into the book of I and II Peter




There are many different topics of doctrine that runs throughout these books
The Apostle Peter is of course the author and he is writing to a group of Jews called the “diaspora”




These were Jews who were scattered across the region
due to the persecution

that came against the Jews after the resurrection of Christ






People think that the Roman persecution was only against Christian Jews and it wasn’t,

It came against all Jews



The Romans saw that they wanted Jesus as their King

They believed they were trying to destroy the Roman Empire
And then after the death and resurrection of Jesus




Many Jews were getting saved and becoming devout followers



So the Romans set out to kill many of them, and they went running for their lives




Peter is. writing the gospel to the fleeing Diaspora, trying to win them to Jesus




I Pet 1: 2 Peter doesn’t waste any time, he plunges head first into deep doctrinal waters



Look how many doctrinal statements are in this one verse


The doctrine of the trinity, foreknowledge, sanctification,

the redemption power of the blood of Christ, election, and grace



I believe, we should always teach foreknowledge and election together and put it in simple terms




So here we go!




Our God is omnipotent = all powerful

who created this world and it belongs to him



I don’t know why he created it the way he did, but he is omniscient = all knowing


So he can do whatever he wants with his creation



But God created this world with a plan that he was going to follow




In his plan he made a decree to allow the fall of man



And he didn’t ask you or me if we wanted to exist or be apart of his plan, but here we are



It took a great deal of planning on Gods part to create humans as free agents




Free agents to decide for ourselves if we wanted to be a part of Gods kingdom or not


A free agent to decide for ourselves if we would obey God or not



In his plan he made another decree to elect some to salvation

Now, we say elect some. Because God knew some would refuse his offer



He planned his Son to be the Savior for those who would receive Jesus




God said anyone who will come to Jesus can, both Jew and Gentile it’s their choice



But here’s the part that rubs people wrong


God already knows who will accept him and who won’t




He opened the door to everyone, but not everyone would walk through it



How could he NOT know that? He is all knowing



He knew what year we would be born, how many hairs we will have on our heads, the day we will die




Let me ask you a question




Did you know you were going to accept Christ at some point in your life?

No, no we didn’t
But when we accept Christ, the plan of God is opened up to us

And we rejoice because we realize that God has chosen us to be a part of his plan



But God can’t help it that he knows who will accept his plan and who won’t



although he has opened the door to anyone who wants to walk in

he already knows what your decision will be,

he can’t help but know because he is omniscient



Someone asked once how can I know that I’m elected?
A theologian name Henry Ward Beecher divided people into two groups

The whosoever wills, and the whosoever wont’s



You can know your elected by one simple test




Is Christ really your Lord because you have accepted the blood of Christ for salvation?




And are you obedient to the Lord?



Do you do what he wants you to do?




Or do you do what you want to do?


When church is gathering on Sunday are you obedient and attend? or do you do what you want to?




If you know it’s wrong to sin, but you do what you want to




If you do what you want to do, I would say there’s a problem with your salvation



God has a plan, from the beginning to the end that he is following




And we who accept Christ are the elected to participate in that plan






You might say I still don’t comprehend this completely


Let me say this to you when it comes to foreknowledge of God and the election of man




No matter how much and for how long you were to study this particular subject




We will never fully comprehend the complexity of it



We serve an all knowing God who has a plan and has put it into action




You and I need to assure ourselves that we have accepted his plan

And then rest in the fact that you are a part of it




And you prove your apart of it because of your obedience


The word blessed here = praise



We are to give God the Father praise Why?

Because he has given us a lively hope



Begotten = to be born




Because of the resurrection of Christ, because of the blood that was shed




And because of the power of the Holy Spirit

We are born from the death of sin to a lively or life giving spiritual birth
You’ll notice we are to praise God but God never praises mankind




Rarely will we ever find our sons praising their earthly dads




But we are to praise our Father in Heaven






So knowing these things about what God has done for us

How should we be living?



Let’s tie this in with I Pet 2:9

With election we are a chosen people to work within Gods plan
We are of a royal Priesthood because we are now in the family of God




We are to live holy in the mist of a sinful world



Every believer is a Priest before the world




A priest is simply someone who carries




We are the ones who carry the gospel to the unsaved






We are a holy nation,




Israel was never holy in its conduct
And sadly neither is the church



Israel’s failure was appalling, but the churches failure is just pathetic




The church and it’s priest (you and me) was suppose to carry the gospel



But in recent years, the church that was suppose to be a reflection of heaven

instead looks more like a reflection of the world



When the church carries the gospel and reflects heaven we can rightfully be called a holy nation


because of our relationship with Christ who is righteous
But we are also a peculiar people, some more than others




Why are we considered peculiar?




Because we believe in someone that the unsaved cannot comprehend






To them we’re the oddest ducks that ever crossed the road




But according to this verse, what is our number one job as being apart of this wonderful plan?




We’re to give God praise for our salvation




Before we were saved we didn’t belong to anything accept Satan and his world




But because of Gods mercy, (and we all needed his mercy)




He opened a door to us to be a part of something great






Peter then tells us because if all these things


It’s Gods desire that we represent our Savior in a way that brings him praise




We do that by not getting involved with fleshly things that would cause the world to point their finger at us
And say, see there, a Christian is just as sinful as anyone else




Look at the kind of God they serve






Let me ask you, when you see the things Muslims do,

what comes to your mind, When you think about the kind of God they represent?




One that wants his followers to kill, rape, torcher kidnap



In the same way, when a Christian, is a hypocrite, envies, slanders, slams people if they disagree with them

is unfaithful and disobedient
I see Christian’s all the time say something wonderful about the Lord

And then just destroy everything they just said

by attacking someone or doing something that is ungodly



The world sees that and in their minds they see the kind of God we represent



Back to I Peter 1:5




God knew just how far all of us would fall short



So in his magnificent plan, he did something that only a merciful God could do
He is keeping us by his power,




If we had to earn it, none of us would make it into heaven




Only God could have planned all this, only he could save us and keep us

God has a plan that he is following, and regardless if the church and his children fail, his plan won’t



I actually get comfort in knowing that God has a plan that he is following step by step




And because of that, all the promises that he has made to us who are apart of his plan

is going to be fulfilled














Jan 24

Global warming

I just saw on the news where the government wants to use the movie Frozen to teach kids about the global warming hoax.

Although the evidence that there is no such thing as Global warming is overwhelmin, one has to ask themselves why does our government continue ttying to convince people there is?

We have to keep in mind that the only thing our government is interested in is, money and power.

if the American people start to burn a brain cell and start thinking for themselves and being self reliant once again, it would put allot of our government out of business.

So those who have been voted in by brain dead, dependent on government voters have to keep those voters dedependent on them.

therefore, our government keeps crisis after crisis going on in our country, and causes people to think without government we’re all going to die, and fear keeps the people voting these idiots back into office.

If they didn’t have Global warmin to hold over people’s heads, they would just find something else to keep people in fear.

And it all comes down to money,  they can make more laws concerning the environment that takes more money out of the hands of the people.

Its just like abortion, they couldn’t care less about the woman or child, it’s the money.

its always about the money and the power, that’s why these people get into politics, they know a free ride when they see it.

Tell me one thing that our government has done in the past several years that proves they really care about the people or this country?

Burn a brain cell America, get a clue, our elected officials are taking this country for a ride and for everything they can get out of it.

Jan 19

Getting to know the Spirit pt3

Let’s take this farther this morning concerning the Holy Spirit
I showed you last week why he is called the comforter and the helper


But let’s look at when we receive the Spirit and why he is called our helper



As I told you last week, many preachers say
That you get saved, and then at a later date you pray to receive the Spirit


Ro. 8:9
It says very plainly here, that if you do not have the Spirit
You are not a child of God


You cannot be saved without the Spirit


What some of these preachers are saying and what some churches have as their doctrinal statements


That you get saved and then have to wait for the Spirit is false



how can You & I get saved, and not have the Spirit?
If I don’t have the Spirit, then I’m still dead in my sins


You cannot be saved without the Spirit of God Indwelling you, it’s impossible


This right here, turns everything that Swaggart, The Robertson’s of Duck dynasty
The Charismatics, Assembly of God and others on their heads


I know some preachers who would tell you to stop listening to Swaggart or watching Duck Dynasty
No, I’ll continue to listen and watch them,
but I do it with the knowledge of what they believe

Why can’t we be saved first and then get the Spirit later?


It is because the Spirit of God that gives us life
That life is the life of Christ, that life is eternal life


This also shows us that you cannot lose your salvation that so many want to believe today
The Spirit of God does not move in and out of our lives like some kind of renter


He doesn’t Give us life, Then when we sin, he takes our life back
That’s not how our God works

We don’t have to fear ever again of losing our salvation
We are now adopted into the family of God


Once your in the family, you can not be un-adopted
We’re going to sin from time to time, but the blood of Christ covers our sin


(Use the illustration again of covering using a cloth)

After were saved, he Then he gives us the ability to live the Christian life
What is this life that he gives?

First we need to define what a Christian really is


The Spirit convicts every man woman and child, that they are a sinner
And that they need a Savior who is Jesus


When you and I were convicted, we asked Jesus to forgive our sins


The Spirit immediately came into our lives and gave us spiritual life


Our lives have now been changed to reflect our savior Jesus


Why did you start to go to church?
Because Jesus gathered together with his followers

And he commanded us to assemble together
Why did Jesus get together with his followers so often?
Because he loved them
And he tells us to love each other and spend time together

Why doesn’t a Christian cuss?
Because Jesus didn’t cuss,
he said everything that proceeds out if our mouths should glorify the Father

Why don’t Christians smoke or drink?
Because Jesus didn’t smoke or drink,
he said that our bodies are the temple of God and shouldn’t be used For worldly things

Why do so many Christians stay away from many of today’s social media things
Such as facebook, tweety birding, etc?
Because Jesus stayed away from the social crowd


He called them self righteous and hypocrites
when Jesus was out socially, he was calling them to repent
social media (when used wrong), is a place of self righteousness and hypocrisy


It’s a place where Christians toot their own horn


And Jesus said for us to be in the world, but not of it
And we are to live humbly among others


That’s the life of a Christian,


and it’s the lifestyle that we voluntarily choose because we want to be like Jesus

So let me say something very plainly
If you don’t want to be like Jesus and live the life of a believer
How can you say your a child of God?

Either your in the family of God or your out
Which is it?


Take the Apostles as our example of the Christian life


Before the resurrection, the Apostles shot off their mouths
They bragged, they fought over who was more righteous to sit next to Jesus
They were greedy, worldly
They were scared, timid and ran away at times

They were everything we are or were


But after the resurrection, and after they were filled with the Spirit
a tremendous change took place in their lives


No longer did they just talk about Jesus
They took on his character, his attitude and his actions


They went from running away to being ready to die for their Savior

That’s the life that the Spirit has given us


But instead of embracing that,
many who claim to be Christians deny the life that Jesus offers



This is why I’ve said on other occasions
There’s not as many real Christians in this world that we think there are


But there are some who are standing up in the face of persecution

I think of this fire chief in Atlanta who was fired for his beliefs


Dozens of Christian business owners who are losing their businesses because of the Queers
Several pastors whose churches are in jeopardy
because they won’t bow to pressure to perform gay weddings
Although they are Americans who have rights
Ever since they passed these consumer laws and anti-bigotry laws
The rights of Christians are becoming trampled on

But what gives these people the ability to stand up against them and not give in?


It’s The power of the Holy Spirit

Acts 4:8. Then Peter filled with the Holy Spirit said to them

Vs13. Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John


The apostles are now full of Gods Power that the Spirit gave them


The Spirit empowered these men to stand boldly in the face of persecution

Today we are seeing Christians standing boldly for their faith in Christ
Even if it means losing their business
Losing their income and in some cases even their life savings and personal assets such as their homes
Never in my life would have I ever thought I would see the day
That our government becomes so big, and so corrupt that its citizens would have to fear it

But it’s through the power if the Spirit that gives you and I the ability to stand up in the face of opposition
And proclaim that Christ means more than my personal comfort

As I began this I told you that the Spirit never talks about himself
He never reveals himself to us
But it’s impossible to have a relationship with Christ without him


And through that relationship we see how loudly he speaks to us

Because of the Spirit, we are able to live daily for the Lord


This is why we can have the assurance of our salvation and that Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us


Because we are indwelt with his Spirit.
We have the assurance of our salvation
Because of the Spirit, we have the power to live the Christian life
And because of the Spirit, We have the promise of heaven




Jan 10

Getting to know the Holy Spirit pt 2

This morning we are going to continue in our study about the Holy Spirit


As we talked last week about how those who are not saved will hate the name of God and his Son
We have to be reminded that God created man


But because of the fall of man into sin, he needs a redeemer
So God sent his Son to die on that cross to save man from his sin and buy them back from sin
But in order for the blood to redeem,
man has to repent of their sin and accept Jesus Christ as the redeemer by faith
However, Mankind doesn’t want to admit their a sinner


they have rejected God as the creator and instead have set out to create God in their own image



And as I told you last week, their God accepts their sin


He accepts their homosexuality and claims that they are Christian


He accepts them living together outside of marriage
He accepts their cursing, drinking and sleeping around


But the problem is, their image of God is not the God of the scriptures
The God of the scriptures still condemns them and their sin to hell
Now how do you know what I’m telling you is true?


Because God sent us a comforter, the Holy Spirit
Jn 15:26-27


the Holy Spirit shows us what the truth is

Right here is where I want to show you why I believe much of what is being taught today
About the Spirit is false



Go back to vs26. The last part, He shall testify of me
The Spirits job, is to testify about Jesus, not himself


If Jesus Christ is real to you, it is because of the Spirit


If God is being glorified in your life it is because of the spirit


He never speaks of himself
and this is where I split away from many churches and denominations
Such as the Pentecostals, Charismatics, Assembly of God and many Baptist
Let’s use Jimmy Swaggart as an example of some of the things he has said as a leader in the Assembly of God


He has said, the Holy Spirit told him to build a church


Then the Spirit told him to go on TV


Then the spirit told him about things he wanted him to accomplish Or change in his life


Or the Spirit is wanting them to have a spirit filled revival
He will say I feel the Holy Spirits power in this service and he feels his power filling him
I have a real problem with what they say next


Swaggart and his fellow preachers will say,


If you get saved today, you can then pray for the Indwelling and filling of the Holy Spirit
It may take days or even weeks,


but you will know when your dwelt and filled because it will be evidenced by speaking in tongues
Everything I just told you is either false or partly false
I want you to really understand what I’m going to teach you


The Spirit is basically a silent partner of the trinity and yet at the same time speaks loudly
First of all the Spirit never speaks about himself, he only testifies of Jesus
God wants us to have Spirit powered revivals
But the only way we will know if the power of the Spirit is there
Is when sinners come to Christ for salvation
If you are being directed by the Spirit to begin a ministry
You will begin it, because you want to glorify Jesus
When you go to the bible and you learn something new about Jesus


It was the Spirit who was teaching you
That’s why an unbeliever cannot understand scripture


Any unbeliever can understand the gospels because their wrote in a way that anyone can open them and be saved


But to understand the deep theological or doctrines of scripture
Can only be done through the Spirit
The unsaved do not have the Spirit and therefore cannot understand the deep things of Gods Word
But what’s important to understand is
the Spirit will never teach you things about himself, only Jesus
But through that we learn how the Spirit works
It is not the Spirit that changes our lives


It’s because of the Spirits teaching us about Jesus, that we are conformed to the image of Christ
And as we are conformed, we become more like Jesus
You and I would never know anything about Jesus if it wasn’t for the Spirit


It’s the spirit that tells us about who Jesus is


His character, his actions, his attitude


and as he teaches us, we begin to change to be like Jesus


His character, his actions, and his attitude becomes ours
It’s the Spirit that convicts the world that they need Jesus
It’s only through Jesus that one can be saved
You cannot be saved through the Spirit, or through any other god


Only the name of Jesus and him alone can save



It’s kind of funny really, we speak about the Spirit


But the Spirit never speaks about himself
Swaggart teaches that when you get baptized in the Spirit you will speak in tongues as evidence
The book of Romans says that once you ask for
forgiveness that the Spirit indwells us at that very moment
Here’s the problem I have with the modern tongue movement


In the book of Acts when the gift of tongues was given
They only spoke about Jesus and the need to be saved
They never spoke about the Spirit
Today if we had to wait for the Indwelling, then all of a sudden I speak in tongues
Then the Spirit just revealed himself and that goes against scripture


The Robertsons of Duck dynasty believe you don’t get the Spirit until your water baptized
I believe scripture teaches we get the Spirit at the same moment we ask for Salvation
That’s the difference between me and many other pastors


Their focus is on the Spirit, my focus is on Jesus but knowing how important the Spirits role is
You may also hear things like when I was depressed or hurting or suffering in some way
The Spirit of God came to me and wrapped me up in his arms and brought me comfort
Is that what the Spirit does?
Is that why he is called the comforter?


He is like a mom when you get a cold and pats you on the head?
Let me ask you a question


If you have a problem that you can’t figure out isn’t it frustrating?
But the more you learn how to overcome the problem doesn’t that bring you comfort?
In the same way, when you have a problem that you can’t overcome
And you begin to pray about it, and seek answers
The Holy Spirit doesn’t come and wrap his arms around you
and say there there, it’s going to be alright
He opens up your understanding about Jesus and the scriptures


And we begin to get comfort as we learn


That’s why he is called the comforter

The Spirit never speaks about himself, he only directs us to Jesus


That’s his role
What does it mean to pray in the Spirit?


This is actually very simple but has become complicated by the charismatics
The more you seek to be like Christ
And you start to seriously pray for Gods transforming power to change your life


The Spirit moves you in what you should say
That’s why he’s called our helper


He helps us in what we should pray, he helps us when we need to learn more about Jesus
The Spirit is the silent partner
But without him we would all be as dumb as rocks
But we need to understand much of what is being said about him today is false


I’ll end this like this, the more you get to know Jesus, the more you will know about the spirit
It is not the other way around






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