Apr 19

Get Rid Of Religion

There are many who live with the  philosophy of  fatalism,  that’s someone who has the belief that this world is all there is,  no after life, nothing beyond the grave.

There are those who live being a huge ego,  which is more than someone saying that they think their good looking

Its someone who believes they’re actually better than anyone else, they’re self centered & usually want power over others. Egoist usually become politicians or some other kind of leader over people. They have a huge ego and it has to be stroked by being lord over others.


Solomon tried different areas of life trying to find satisfaction with his empty heart and life. So he goes to something new,  he tried fatalism and having an ego and both didn’t fulfill his life so when all else fails, try religion

Just like Solomon,  millions of people have tried religion and cannot find satisfaction with life

Religion has condemned more people to eternal torment than anything else in the entire world


Think about religions around the world like in India, Iraq,  Iran and northern Africa these people are not dumb people,  but their religion keeps them in ignorance & darkness

Look at what liberal Protestantism & liberal Catholicism has done to our   country,  when we began giving up our belief in God, and its respect for the bible our nation became corrupt and immoral.

Liberalism came into our pulpits & – deterioration to our nation began


When someone says they are a liberal Christian,  they are a liar, the two cannot, nor will they ever coincide with each other.

Liberalism is straight from the pit of hell itself & anyone claiming to be a liberal is anti-Christ

People need to get rid of their religion and get Christ, religion is not Christianity,  Christianity is a relationship with Jesus


There is no ritual whatsoever given with Christianity & that’s why every church is so different

To be a Christian = that you have trusted Christ

Religion has never done one thing for man except lead him into ignorance and darkness 

Apr 11

Christians being singled out for Persecution in America

This is from an Army Official Jack Rich  in Ft. Cambell Kentucky to subordinates about what groups are to be watched that don’t align with Army values. Heres a small portion.


(U) Domestic “Hate Groups”
(U) Anti-Gay, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim, Black Separatist, Christian Identity,
Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Confederate, Neo-Nazi, Patriot Movement, Racist Skinhead,
Sovereign Citizens Movement, and White Nationalist.
(U) Domestic Hate Groups by Ideology (in alphabetical order):
(U) Anti-Gay:
(U) Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians has been a central theme of
Christian Right organizing and fundraising for the past three decades ? a period
that parallels the fundamentalist movement’s rise to political power.
(U) For Christian Right leaders, the gay rights movement and its so-called
“homosexual agenda” are the prime culprits in the destruction of American society
and culture. In the words of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson; the battle
against gay rights is essentially a “second civil war” to put control of the U.S.
government in the right hands, meaning those who reject gay rights.
(U) The religious right in America has employed a variety of strategies in its
efforts to beat back the increasingly confident gay rights movement. One of those
has been defamation. Many of its leaders have engaged in the crudest type of
name-calling, describing LGBT people as “perverts” with “filthy habits” who seek
to snatch the children of straight parents and “convert” them to gay sex. They
have disseminated disparaging “facts” about gays that are simply untrue ?
assertions that are remarkably reminiscent of the way white intellectuals and
scientists once wrote about the “bestial” black man and his supposedly
threatening sexuality.

(U) Anti-Immigrant:
(U) Anti-immigrant hate groups are the most extreme of the hundreds of nativist
and vigilante groups that have proliferated since the late 1990s, when antiimmigration xenophobia began to rise to levels not seen in the United States
since the 1920s.
(U) Although many groups criticize high levels of immigration and some
(categorized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as ?nativist extremist? groups)
typically confront or harass individual immigrants and their supporters, antiimmigrant hate groups generally go further by pushing racist propaganda.
(U) Most also subscribe to one of two conspiracy theories that have no basis in
fact: the idea that Mexico has a secret ?Plan de Aztlán? to ?reconquer? the
American Southwest, and another theory alleging that the leaders of Mexico,
Canada and the United States are secretly planning to merge into a European
Union-like entity that will be known as the ?North American Union.?
(U) Associated Anti-Immigration Groups:
American Border Patrol/American Patrol
California Coalition for Immigration Reform
Federation for American Immigration Reform
The Social Contract Press


Apr 1

Have You Had A Turning Point?

Yesterday was Easter and once again we are hopefully reminded about the true meaning of Easter. Its not candy, rabbits, plays or dinners.

Its about how our Lord and savior Jesus Christ rose from the dead for our redemption.

When Christ came out of that grave, he didn’t say have a party!!  He said I’m offering mankind a turning point. To turn from your sins and accept him as our Savior. To turn away from hell and turn to heaven.

How many went to their nice little church and did their nice little religious activities but were never challenged to turn away from sin?

How many went inside a church filthy from sin and came out just as filthy?  Because they were never told that God gave his Son to die on a cross and then arose from the dead and if we accept him and ask forgiveness we can go from the filth of sin to a new clean life in Christ?

And if you were fortunate enough to hear the truth of why Christ came, did you experience a turning point?

Its our choice if we will go to heaven or hell, God has never sent anyone to hell, we send ourselves when we choose not to become a part of Gods family.

He’ll not interfere with your decision, thats how loving he is, if you don’t want to be with him now, he’ll let you be without him for eternity.

But he would rather that we choose to have a turning point.  

Feb 28


If you ever read Glen Becks   “The Blaze”  on the internet,  one has to wonder



Feb 23

Revival Pt4 (start with Part 1 at the bottom)

Before we come to these books, God is always in reference to the God of Israel,  God the Father, or the God of Jerusalem and other things but never the God of Heaven

Ezekiel had a vision that the Shekinah Glory of God was going to depart from Jerusalem and leave from dwelling among the Cherubim in the temple


When Israel had disobeyed God for those 490 yrs, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple and the Glory of God departed from Israel

From Ezra on, God is referred to as the God of Heaven because that is where he dwelt from then to now

Ezekiel records as he watched Gods Glory depart, he paused over the temple to see if anyone would return, they didn’t,

he then went over the city and paused to see if they would leave their idolatry, they didn’t

he then paused over the Mt of Olives but there was no return of Israel to God,  God then wrote “Ichabod”  = the glory has departed

That was the last time the Shekinah glory was seen again


About 4000 yrs later, a man walked into the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem with a whip in his hand andd he cleansed the temple from idolaters

The Shekinah glory had returned but was hidden under human flesh

because his glory was not visible, they rejected him, hung him on a cross, he was crucified by man, but he was the King of Kings


He was born a king,     he lived like a king,    he performed miracles as a king,    he taught as a king,   he was arrested as a king,   he was tried as a king,   he died as a king,   he arose as a king,  and he’s coming back as – King of Kings and Lord of Lords


Jeremiah said Ichabod was going to occur in Jerusalem, that the Glory of God has departed

I believe there are literally thousands of churches across America, where the word Ichabod has been written over their doorway, God has left the building


These churches no longer preach the Word of God and the need of salvation through Christ alone

They no longer preach against sin, Their lifestyles and beliefs are no different than the moose lodge   and God has departed


I sometimes struggle with the thought has God left America?  But then I’m reminded that he promised, he would never leave me nor forsake me

He might have been booted out of our leadership, but he will never leave his children alone

the biggest danger that any church faces, is not the government,  its not persecution,  its not members or others leaving

What our biggest danger is,  the Spirit of the Lord leaving because of our disobedience to the Word of God

Ezra 1:3

Last wk. I told you that only 52000 Jews went back to Jerusalem,            so were they being disobedient?

you’ll notice Cyrus does not command them to go back,  he gives them the option

he didn’t mind them staying in Persia, after-all, he served the same God that they did


we have to remember that many of the Israelites were born in Babylon,  that’s all they knew, it would be unfair to send them to a place they know nothing about, it wasn’t their home

same is true in our country,  we’ve had millions of illegals born here,  they don’t know a thing about where their families came from

America is their home, its all they know


Where our government is wrong is by not blocking the border and stopping any more coming in, and then establish the legal entrance once again

You and I both know why the democrats won’t stop it and continue to make it worse, and that is to normalize them and then get their votes to keep the democrats in power,

that’s why you have to call them undocumented immigrants not illegals,  you have to get away from them entering our nation illegally

They think we’re too dumb to know whats up

Cyrus knew there were those who didn’t want to go, and so he gave permission to anyone who wanted to go back


Notice those who stayed weren’t angry about those who left, but actually a freewill offering was taken up to help them on their journey

They were actually happy for them & wanted to support them


Not all of us have been called to be a missionary, but there are those who want to go to a foreign land and spread the gospel and they need support

That’s what the church has done for yrs


But something else we have to keep in mind here is,  although the Jews weren’t being forced to go back to Jerusalem

They were definitely out of Gods will

It was Gods desire that all his people return to their land


God always gives us a choice,  we don’t always make the right choice and it puts us out of Gods will


But he still loves us and he’ll still work things out in our lives, but it would have been easier for both God and myself if I would just do what he wants me to do from the beginning


Its Gods desire to build his house, and he wants to build this house for his glory

we can either assist him in it, by being obedient to Gods Word, and by loving him and each other

Or we can fulfill our own desires, reject the great truths of God word and God will write Ichabod across our door out here and his spirit will depart


Theres so many churches meeting today, their going through the motions and emotions of a church service and yet the Spirit of God isn’t there anymore

Its up to us to keep Gods spirit active in our hearts and when we do, we’ll have his glory inside our church

Has God written Ichabod over the gates of America?  Has Gods Spirit left?

You have to decide.

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