Dec 29

God Sent Salvation

Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden and I will give you rest

For God so loved the World that he gave his only Son, that WHOSOEVER, believes in me, shall not perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE!!!!!

Do you need rest? Is your soul tired, are you not at peace in your heart?

God sent his Son over 2000 years ago so that you and I can spend eternity in heaven with God and his Son, all we have to do is believe that Jesus came to this earth, died on the cross for our sin, and rose again back to life on the third day victorious over the grave and sin.

And he’s willing to accept anyone, no matter who you are or what you’ve done.

Come to him, and be saved, enjoy eternity in heaven, its a free gift, no strings attached.


Dec 29

Fiscal Cliff

All this talk about the dreaded fiscal cliff makes me wonder whats really going on. If it was so horrific, then why did they all go on vacation? Why do they want to raise the debt limit again and keep spending? Why did Obama give everyone a raise from the Vice-president all the way down? Why did Obama spend millions on a Hawaiian vacation? Why do they continue to spend 1.3 billion on Obama phones?  Why why why????

So many questions and very few answers, just like why does the Pres thinks its a good idea to register legal gun owners guns with the U.N.?  And is it true that Pres is giving our sovereignty to the U.N. without the American people knowing but apparently those in Washington do? 

The fact is, we have a government that is out of control with power and spending to maintain their power while at the same time brokering deals with foreign entities in an attempt to keep power and money.

Which makes it extremely dangerous for the American people because when our government no longer works for us but rather we work for them,and it puts them in control over us!

This country is already over the cliff, the only problem is, we just don’t know it. I’ve been saying for a long time, all these freebies and giveaways to keep the people in slavery and voting for the slave owners to stay in power is going to bite them.

Enjoy your life of taking while you can, because its going to end soon, and when it does, this country will fall like dominos and its going to get severely dangerous to walk our streets, its already beginning. People getting shot all over this country by those without a conscience.

Can you imagine half of America who have just sat around doing nothing all day but collecting foodstamps and drinking beer as a way of life, now getting it all cut off? It would become insane.

The fact is no country not even individuals can spend thousands of dollars more than what they earn without it catching up and you have to pay the piper. Our country is at the point that we have to pay for our sins.

Obama and all of them can get on TV and whine how its everyone elses fault, when we know that their all guilty and the American people are actually  more guiltier than them.

We kept our heads in the sand ignoring everything our leaders were doing and then continued to put that trash back into power every year, and the reason why is to keep my freebies. 

We have no one to blame but ourselves, but thats what a spoiled society does, as long as I’m getting what I want, a piece of the pie, they can do whatever! Well the times come, that the whatever is going to hit the fan.

When a country spends 2.7 trillion more every year than what it brings in, and then add another 1.7 trillion on Obama care that we don’t have, something must give way, and sadly,  we have those in Washington to are willing to give away America to the highest bidder in order to stay in Power.

The only answer is Christ and us asking for forgiveness, but even I have very little hope that will ever happen, I’m afraid right now that this country is too far gone in sin, and its blinding them to the truth and so even when this country collapses, they will still continue to curse God.

Dec 17

God wants America to Come Back to Him

I was asked when I came into work if I saw what happened Friday with the murdering of those in Connecticut and wasn’t it a shame and a shock?

I guess I’m not so easily shocked anymore at the things that happen in this country.  I get more shocked when this country does something right and stands up for truth, which isn’t a common practice anymore.

I have to admit when it comes to this shooting, I’m confused at our nations attitude.  When 20 children somehow make it through the womb without getting murdered but then get murdered later on, we’re suppose to be shocked and its considered a national tragedy and we’re suppose to mourn.

But for those millions who never made it out of the womb but was instead murdered before they were born,  thats perfectly acceptable and are not to be mourned over as they throw their mutilated bodies into a trash can.

Some of those who are outraged at this murder of 20 children are probably some of the same ones who have had their own babies thrown into a trash can!

The hypocrisy that is in this country is staggering,  we have become a society that has decided whose lives are worth more and who should be mourned over or not.

All of this will continue to get worse until this country decides if all life, before birth or afterward is precious or not. And if all life is not precious, then it really doesn’t matter at what age you decide to take it. If theres no God, then theres no right or wrong, and then we decide who lives or dies.

In Gods Word it says all life is precious in his sight,  and so the question was asked by liberals, where was God when all of this happened.

Still upon his throne,  waiting for America to invite him back into their lives, until then,  he warned us, we will reap what we have sown and if we sow to the wind, we will reap a whirlwind. 

America has thrown out God and invited evil in and evil marches through killing and destroying everything in its path and so America has no right to point its finger at God.

He died for us, he has invited us into his family by repenting of our sin, America has rejected his invitation. But this much I know, God accepted every one of these little ones into his presence because I believe they were still under the age of accountability.

Where was God?  Doing what he has always done, protecting his children and bringing comfort to those who walked into his presence last Friday.


Nov 10

I’m Still Stunned

I am still stunned that America voluntarily voted for enslavement to our government and for the approval of immorality to be their master.

I’m still stunned that 78% of professing Christians voted for Obamas socialism that flies in the face of God, to me it says that there are only 22% who are truly saved in this country and who will be in heaven!! And if some of that 78% crowd somehow does make it to heaven, I would hate to be in their shoes as they try to explain away why they rejected the truth of Gods Word.  

The bible tells us about rewards and crowns we receive when we are obedient to Gods Word, and these folks will not have a thing except shame before God, they voted for sodomy to be accepted which is condemned by God, drug use, homosexual marriage, taxing of those who provide work, and the acceptance of free giveaways for the lazy.

I’m also stunned how many women continue to vote for Democrats, especially after how they treat and abuse women, to a Democrat a woman is nothing more than a vagina, that has to have contraceptives or for the killing of children, and apparently women agree,  they voted to be nothing more than a vessel for mans pleasure and protect their vaginas and their right to kill.

American women, due to how Democrat men treat them, are no better off and perhaps worst off,   than how Muslim men treat their women.

I’m stunned that 85% of blacks voted for Obama, they fought for freedom and today they voted to go back to slavery to their master, the democrat party. Who keep them on plantations giving them freebies to keep them from excelling in life and the continual voting their masters into power.

I love the black race and it breaks my heart to see these people blinded by this unholy party. Thank God for those black men and women who broke free and think for themselves and work to care for themselves and their families. If only every American would do the same thing.

Obama has done one good thing though, he has brought us closer to the Day of the Lord and judgement upon this earth, God is screaming at us to see the evil that is leading us, and how close we are to the Lord Jesus returning, we need to tell everyone, time is running out.

Decisions to either accept Christ as Savior is now, don’t wait, it may be too late, if Jesus returns today, scripture is explicitly clear, that those who are left and who have heard the gospel Jesus death, burial & resurrection and have rejected it, cannot be saved after his return, its too late, now is the day.



Nov 7

America Voted For Evil

When you read about – Apostle Paul, something you will realize if your looking for it is, Paul always identified himself with – people

he was never addressed as – Apostle, he was never separated or not aloof , or elevated from – people, he was just like all of – other believers

he didn’t dress any different, or cut his hair or beard differently, he was one of them
in – American church, pastors have been largely responsible for creating a difference between themselves & – people

they wanted to be recognized as – leader, & so they dressed in suits or robes, you better make an appointment if you wish to speak to him
they separated themselves & elevated themselves from & over – people believing that they somehow dirty themselves if they rubbed their elbows with – common person
It is true that Pastors are teachers of – Word & they are acting on – behalf of God himself, their his representatives, his voice

but God is not telling Pastors to live any different than any body else

fact is, God has asked all believers to live on a high plane because all of us are acting on Gods behalf & he expects all of us to be teachers of Gods Word
There never should have been a difference between pastors & – people

to tell you another truth (I would get shot by pastors if I said this at a pastors conference)
But paid positions in – ministry has been one of – biggest curses upon todays church than anything else, it caused division in – body of Christ

but I also recognize that not much would have gotten done if it wasn’t for people getting paid to accomplish things

but almost all heresies have come from paid ministries
do you realize that – political arena was – same way?

When this country started, politicians were on – same level as – people, they lived in homes right next to – people who voted for or against them,
they didn’t live in mansions separated from – people

they shopped together, ate together, farmed together & fought together

they weren’t paid to be a politician, but over – yrs, they became separated & above – people

& out of a paid political system came heresy, corruption, & false teaching
theres nothing more dangerous in – church or in politics when – pastor or a politician tries to exalt themselves over – people

but separation didn’t just come from pastors & politicians, it also came from – people who wanted their leaders to be somehow special & above others

theres people who will boast about how much they pay their pastor or a mission trip that they sent him on or all – things that they supply
they boast that their politician has all – answers
but – problem is, – Lord never meant for a division between leaders & those they lead, they have a role to fulfill, but it was with – people, not above them
I Thess. 5

because of this separation, something was effected in – church, & that was – attitude & – actions of Christians

because churches paid people to do ministry, – people got into – back seat & allowed – leadership to do – driving
anytime theres a problem with your attitude, its going to effect your actions, we see this with some of todays kids

because they have a attitude problem, they have wrong actions
in – early Corinthian church, when they got saved, they were so convinced that Jesus was coming back any moment & they gave away their stuff & helped each other

their attitude was, they didn’t have much time, so lets do as much as we can so they jumped into action

they were awake & alert to imminent return of – Lord
in our time, we are also to be awake & alert to – imminent return of – Lord

which ought to get us out of – backseat & into – drivers seat because you & I know that when – church is removed through – rapture

that awful night of – Great Tribulation Period begins which is called – Day of – Lord

& anyone who has not accepted Christ before that day, who had – ability to accept Christ, will not be saved, that means our family & friends that you & I never witnessed to when given a chance, will be lost for eternity
that ought to spur us to action, BUT I’m going to be honest with you

Since Tuesdays election, we are now closer to – stop sign on – road to – Lords return & – increase of – Lord pruning his church = removal of – unsaved in Lk 3:17

Tuesday night was without a doubt – most important vote in American history, to remain a free society or become enslaved to our government

America chose to become enslaved
We were given a clear choice from God himself to either choose evil or good, and Americans chose evil

They chose to allow & accept sodomy, to accept – continual murder of not just babies but older adults through Obama un-care

there is provisions in his unholy health care to choose who is worthy of help

they chose to begin a war on religion, they chose to legalize drugs, they chose to attack those who are rich and create businesses
in a nutshell, America has stuck its puny fist in – face of God for yrs, but now America has officially rejected God himself

Why would a nation reject God? And What happens to a nation that rejects God?

Ro. 1:21-22

We wonder how can people believe people like this? And do something so stupid as to vote for – destruction of your country?

Notice it says we once knew God, & this country did, we were – leaders in spreading – gospel & building churches worldwide
then it says they glorified him not = they no longer gave him credit for anything stopped thanking him

These fools hearts were darkened with sin, sin overcame them & they no longer could formulate a thought of their own,

they became like mindless robots who could only do & believe what was given them by their owner

22 says they thought they were so smart & became fools

a fool is someone who will do whatever is told them to do because they think its benefiting him
majority of Americans have become fools because they think their going to benefit somehow by – ones who are pushing their buttons

but – problem is, in every socialist nation, sooner or later, – benefits run out
so where does that leave us, for those who haven’t bought into – enslavement theology?

Those of us who believe in God, country & self reliance?

Heb. 13; 5-6

he says be content with what you have

there is no doubt, that we are about to go over a financial cliff & we may not have much of anything when our economy hits rock bottom

but the Lord says that he will not leave us nor forsake us

we’re to trust God, and walk by faith, I cannot express to you enough, that right now, you & I have to get determined in our hearts, that no matter what comes our way, we will not turn our backs on God
you’ll remember I told you before – elections that – probability that our churches will close, is becoming a reality

with – health care cost, and taxes that will be needed to generate cash & – mandates that churches will be required to meet

and also – cost of fuel, electric & insurance that will skyrocket over coming months, theres little doubt in my mind that we will not be able to keep these doors open
I’ve already heard – question asked, “can’t God intervene? Can’t he change things?

But – right question is: Since 49% of Americans have chosen immorality over God, will he intervene?

& I believe – answer to that is “no”
scripture is pretty clear & gives us many examples when a nation goes as far as we have gone

then God allows us to reap what we’ve sown & until a nation humbles itself and repents of its sin, God will not intervene
But I do thank God, he loves and cares about those of us who are his children

although I believe I know whats coming our way, I’m not ready to throw in – towel

we all know, tomorrows another day, & everything can change on a dime

darker a nation grows – more man will seek – light





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