Sep 25

In (God) we trust?

It use to be that children were taught a song in Sunday School that said Jesus loves the little children, all the children in the world, red and yellow black or white!

Today I saw a video where teachers were teaching the kids about Math?  No,  Science?  No,  Spelling?  No

They were teaching them a song about how Obama loves the little children red and yellow black and white and it will be Obama that will be our savior.

I saw another video that is being spread in schools of how capitalism is wrong and socialism is right,  this is the kind of crap,   that your,  and my,   tax dollars are paying for. We’re actually paying people to teach American children, how to hate America.

We have a president who went to Washington,  oh I’m sorry the U.N.  and said all of the worlds problems are of course the Americans and Jews fault,  you and me,  we’re so evil for living our lives and enjoying what God has given us that I missed the part where I destroyed the world.

It must have been while I was working 60 hours a week to pay teachers to teach our kids how to hate their country.

Or maybe you and I destroyed the world while we cut smog emissions, planted trees, cleaned lakes and streams, put fines on polluters and put a bottle return to keep our land clean, while India, Russia, China and a few others piled garbage a mile high and pukes toxics out faster than a speeding bullet, but our preseident said it was our fault because of our greed.

If we’re so greedy then why are we broke?  Oh Yeah,  we’re  paying to help every other country pile garbage and puke out toxins?

If you and I weren’t so greedy wanting everything for ourselves, then we would be able to give even more of the money that we don’t have out of our pockets to pay for healthcare for poor people and illegals.

I know,  the poor and illegals  (sorry misplaced workers or undocumented vacationers) can go to any emergency room and be treated, but that fact shouldn’t bother you,    you and I still pay for it,  but if you weren’t so greedy,    they wouldn’t have to be embarrassed about not having an insurance card.

Don’t you get real tired of being blamed for everything?

We’re greedy,  insensitive,  racial,  homophobic, capitalist pigs!!!

Capitalism has given us freedom,  a home,  food on the table,  a job,  family,  freedom to worship or not, a car or two,  recreation,  baseball and football.

Although I’m broke,  I’m free,  and I would rather be free than be enslaved to a government who couldn’t care if you live or die.

But this is what happens folks,  when school children are taught to sing praises and allegiance to a human demagogue  instead of singing praises to God the Father.

In Nazi Germany,  the same identical things began to happen there with Hitler and look at the results, oh I know we all live in a delusion and believe it can’t happen here.

I wonder how many said that in Germany?

Songs to a Savior only belong to the real Savior Jesus Christ,  if I sound irritated, its because I am,  the Bible even warns us about worshiping anyone or anything other than God himself.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me!

Those words are still as true today as they were the day God wrote them, if I had children in the public schools right now, I would pull them out so fast that the giant posters of hussein would catch on fire!

Folks listen,  I’m telling you these things because, we are not to EXALT   A  MAN, the president,  a pop star,  a movie star or whomever it may be,  are only human,  a mere mortal, who is no better than yourself.

They are flawed individuals who put their pants on one leg at a time,  as you do.

If you exalt, give praise or even put someone in a place of idolization (which is worship)  then your guilty of sin and need to come back to earth.

God is only the one who is worthy of exaltation,  praise  and our worship.

Don’t be sucked into what this world wants to worship,  Christ is worthy,  and only him.

Pray for our country, that everyone will wake up,


And if its already too late,  then pray that the Lord will come quickly,  but until then,  Stand Strong for Jesus   Stand strong for truth.

Sep 22

Are You Ready For Tomorrow?

Today  I was at a light in Cleveland,  there was a car in front of me, and then the light turned green and we proceeded to turn to the left,  the car in front of me went to the far right lane when suddenly a woman shot through the red light between the front of my van and between the car in front of me!

Another second and the entire front of my van would have been gone, a second earlier and the car in front of me would have been broadsided.

How fast can things change from an ordinary day, to a day of chaos.

My brother went from a fever to perhaps facing major surgery in the next few days if an infection has invaded his spine.

You and I never know what tomorrow holds, what we will face when the sun comes up and thats why we always have to be ready to meet the Lord.

Every city I drive through, there are news reports of illnesses and deaths, a girl sitting on her sofa is shot and killed by a stray bullet.

A car flipped over in a ditch and a mother and three kids drown,  sad news and heart breaking stories everywhere.

That car shooting in front of me, and my brother in the hospital was a reminder to me of how fragile life is.

I can get pretty angry over seeing our government selling out our country and trying their hardest to destroy the wealth and private sector. They are hell bent to change this country from a God fearing democracy that I grew up in,  into a racially divided, God hating country.

But in the grand scheme of all things,  it really doesn’t matter!

Thats right,  it doesn’t matter,  in fact, its probably suppose to be going this direction,  because in scripture it says that after the rapture of the church,   ALL   NATIONS    (includes USA)  comes against Israel to battle against it.

Just this past week, some nut Czar from Obamas Adm.  said that if Israel attacks Iran that the U.S. should shoot down the Israeli pilot!

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this new government is pushing us to a one world government & money just as the bible says will happen.

But as I said,  it doesn’t really matter, because these things have been prophesied and they will take place.

So the question is, knowing these things are taking place are you prepared to meet Jesus?  No matter if its the rapture (Believers taken to heaven alive)  or an illness,  a car accident or something else?

Life is fragile, it can end rapidly without any notice, but the great news is you and I can be prepared and live a life of peace when you accept Christ as your Savior today.

You can be at peace because we know that regardless of what may take place tomorrow, I’m a child of God and it doesn’t matter if I lose my life, I will be with Jesus.  Scripture says absent from the body and present with the Lord.

I can be at peace because I know that Jesus hasn’t lost control but instead is at the steering wheel directing the future and nothing can’t happen without his knowledge.

So are you ready for tomorrow?

If you leave this world,  where will you spend your eternity?

Sep 18

Guiding Light

I saw on the news that the long time running soap opera Guiding Light was being canceled, and they interviewed some woman who was actually crying that it was over,  really,  real live tears!!!

my goodness, if my life was that empty that I would cry over a soap opera, just shoot me!!!!!!

Now I could understand it, if John Wayne was a star in one,  but he would never be seen even as a corpse in one.

Anyway,  real tears,  oh my.

I’m thankful that my guiding light doesn’t come from Hollywood,  can you imagine how horrible of a life it would be if my source of why I’m alive is to watch guiding light from Hollywood types!

Most of all the entertainment from there is worthless, I don’t have a T.V. most of the week, I have to get my entertainment from other sources.

Have you ever sat by a store or in a truck stop and just watch people?

Believe me, it can be hilarious,  like the (man)  who was washing his windshield, as his woman (I say woman because you never know if their married, dating or shacking up)  got gas and then proceeded to show him every bug he missed,  then “he”  got into the passenger side while she drove,  guess who was the boss?

Or the three teens who were getting gas, then skate boarded all over by the pumps while smoking!!! That was scary,  and then ate hotdogs,  they sat there for 30 minutes,  good thing no one was behind them.

Or the guy who was bound and determined to wash his entire car with the windshield squeegee,  apparently his woman was use to his weirdness because she just read a book while he washed and washed and washed some more.

It really is sad how much a person can get their whole life wrapped up into some soap opera or some other form of entertainment that consumes you.

We all need entertainment but its not to be our guiding light, the Lord Jesus is to be our guiding light.

throughout scripture we’re told to seek after, to walk with, to rely on, to trust, have faith, follow, and let your life be directed by the Lord.

We are to be filled with the Holy Spirit who will lead us into all good things.

His guiding light will direct you to peace, faith, comfort and joy, but the worlds guiding light will always lead you into the opposite direction of those things.

We’ve all seen books on people who say they have been led by a light into heaven or to the throne of God, theres even some Baptist (preacher) who wrote a book about going to heaven and they all seem so sincere.

What they’ve done is sincerely got your money!

All of these folks who say they had an out of body experience,  or had a vision or was transported to heaven are (I will say it kindly)  ARE LIARS

What they write is contrary to what scripture says,  the bible is very clear that once your absent from the body there is no return and according to Luke 16  once your absent, depending if you had received Christ as Savior or not will determine where you will spend your eternity, but there is no coming back to write books and make money.

Who’s your guiding light?  Hollywood or the Lord Jesus?  Its only through Jesus that one enters heaven

He is the way ONLY WAY the truth, and the life

Sep 18


All of us suffer from different things in our lives, some deal with depression, I’ve never had a real problem with long term depression, mine is usually short times, but I can usually set my mind on other things and pick myself up.

But others can have long term depression that takes everything out of them. One thing my wife and I both have learned is, depression can be dealt with and overcome. But you must be willing to get to the root source that is causing it and deal with it.

Others have other areas that hinder them,  anger,  a bad attitude, I met a couple of those people this week. If your going to work with the public, its not a real good idea to be angry and  have an attitude!

Whatever your struggling with, you have to get to the root of its cause, which is    NOT AN EASY TASK!!

This past week I heard a sermon by Ravi Zaccarias and it was as though the Lord had him preaching directly to me through the radio. Ever have those times?

For years I have told myself that I struggled with peace in my heart, and I would pray for peace, read books on peace,  preach on peace,  but I continued to struggle for years.

Ravi said something that caught my attention, he asked some questions, do you worry about losing your salvation?  I answered no, because Gods Word assures us that once we’re saved, there is no losing your salvation.

Are you anxious about the future?  Again I’m not, I know down in my heart that God has a purpose and a plan for everything that happens and I can rest in that fact.

But then he asked, do you quit things or move to another job or to another state easily?  Do you change careers or to another church?

Well I couldn’t answer no to that, because he just described me.

He said a man can be at peace with the Lord but be prone to discouragement, and if you don’t recognize it early in your life, you may be a person who will drift through life going from one experience looking for another experience to satisfy your soul.

And thats when it hit me.   I’ve been at peace with the Lord, my wife, my kids but I am a person who gets discouraged very easily.

Over the past 35 years I’ve had 3 different careers, I’ve changed jobs more than some kids have had their diapers changed, I’ve moved over 34 times!!!!!!

Why did it take 51 years before I realized that I struggled with discouragement? And now since the Lord opened my eyes,  how do I fix it?

A discouraged person needs affirmation that he’s doing a good job, that he’s liked or loved, I’ve never taken criticism very well, the hair on my back goes up.

I worked for a banker when I was a pre-teen mowing their lawn, one day his wife wanted me to trim their gigantic hedge that was 3 feet taller than me and surrounded their home. I didn’t have a clue of what to do,, I was only 12. And I told her that I couldn’t do it.

She looked at me and I have never forgotten her words,  your worthless and will never amount to anything, go home and don’t come back.

Those words have haunted me my whole life,  its things like that,  that have an impact on our lives,  parents can do great harm by the unkind words they say to their children.

I don’t know if what she said had an impact on why I get discouraged or not, perhaps it did.

But the truth is, I can’t fix my discouragement,   just like a person who is dealing with depression, anger, hatred, a bad attitude or whatever your struggling with, you got to get to the root of whats causing it and then let Jesus fix it.

All I can do is recognize whats causing it and then ask the Lord to help me overcome my discouragement and give me victory.

I’ve had some good jobs, I’ve been blessed with good churches, but I would get so discouraged that I would quit and move.

I wish I would have recognized my struggle years ago, I know that I’ve hurt people in my churches that cared for us because we left.

I didn’t know what my problem was,  even this week I struggled with it, I was in Kentucky (a state that I love) and I wanted to quit and come home, and I had to fight through it.

But the Lord is so good, he knew how I was fighting it, and he graciously gave me a reprieve and I came home Thursday night, without quitting!

But this week I know I’ll battle it, but with Gods help and with the power of the Holy Spirit I believe this week might be better, and each week will get easier to fight discouragement and in the Lords time, he will give me victory over it.

Anything in our lives that we fight against isn’t an over night success in winning, it takes time, prayer, and a right attitude that says I will not quit until the Lord gives me victory over my struggle.

I would like to start a church perhaps in this area, but until I get victory I’ll have to wait until the lord says go ahead.

The Bible says for us to trust in the Lord with all your heart, its through this trust in him that we’ll gain victory.

Do you trust him?  What are you struggling with?  Can you recognize whats causing it?  Can you allow the Lord to help you get victory over it?

It will take time, but it will be worth the fight.